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I asked a few people to write retrospectives for QRD #20, I got a couple of responses…


QRD is the longest running zine I can think of.  I love Brian John Mitchell because he's hard working, truthful & enthusiastic. & there is something odd about his persona, which I've noticed in my own interviews with QRD, & in others I've read. The questions Brian asks & the way he asks them draw people out in a way that few writers are ever able to do.  Brian has been a member of the audience at more of my shows than anyone in the world - & I think there are number of bands who could say the same. When BJM says he likes a band, he means it.

No publication of art, music, literature or journalism has one big success. Rather, these have numerous small successes equivalent to the number of people who have been somehow truly reached by the work. The hands on approach used with QRD by nature reaches a smaller number of people more deeply than, say, a big glossy publication. & if you are fortunate enough to know about QRD, & intrigued enough to glean something from it, then there is the best that can happen.

Here's to 20 more issues!
Ashkelon - Trance to the Sun

I hrt QRD – A Retrospective

I believe it was four years ago that I met Brian John Mitchell standing outside the first Convergence Festival. He had blue lips. He had pixy sticks. I thought he was kooky. That's a good thing. How could I NOT dig this kid??  I think QRD captures that kookiness perfectly.

My favorite part of QRD are the reviews. I think Brian eloquently reviews stuff. I've laughed out loud reading his reviews MANY times. & I feel extremely privileged to have been involved during the process of testing candy for reviews.

Brian has the guts to print a poem about the Spastic Lifestyle. No one else had the balls to attempt such a feat!!! He's like the Great Geraldo Rivera!!  The way he infiltrated the Spastic Scene was astounding!!! He uncovered the truth while others were hiding from it!!!

I think Brian chooses to include all the great bands in his zine. He helps promote bands as much as he can! & that's damn cool!!!

And what other zine would print a recipe I concocted???

QRD stands for everything I like about stuff.

Mostly, I'm just giddy to be his friend!!!!!!!!! whee!!!!!!!!

QRD - the zine for me

xox tara vanportfleet xox