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QRD #77
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Artistic Dad Interviews:
Lou Graziani
Jason Lamoreaux
Philip Polk Palmer
Zachary Scott Lawrence
Guitarist Interviews:
Loc Josinski of Koyl
Matt Gut
Touring Musician Interviews:
Lucio Menegon
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Hey Kidz,

I hope you all are well.  Pretty stoked to get another issue together (hard to believe it's been a year - I do feel bad that a couple of the interviews are a year old).  A continuation of our annual Father's Day interview specials (want the book of previous interviews? go here) as well as the guitarist, & touring musician series.  So something for everybody.
If you've been a regular reader for the past 22 years (or even just a portion of that), you may be thinking, "What is up with how seldom the issues are coming out?  I mean this guy literally wrote a book about balancing family & working on artistic endeavors & he doesn't know how to pull it off?"  I'd say it's a fair criticism.  It's hard to pull off & that I'm trying to do it on a half dozen fronts (music, comics, label, webzine, etc) makes it even harder.  It seems like every month a smooth week comes where I think I've finally hit the groove & can balance things & then everybody in the house gets a stomach virus wiping us out for a week & backing up the work to be done to tread water by two weeks or a cat gets sick & needs a few hundred dollars in tests or me or my wife's day job loads us with extra hours pushing creative time away or most recently a stray dog moves into the house & disrupts all the balance of the house.  I'm not complaining about any of it.  The difficulties generally help the family function better as a unit.  Life is hard & that helps me know I'm still alive.  The artistic work I do somehow more than breaks even & that there's still some interest in what a middle aged dude like me is doing is great.  I'm happy & despite many young people's fears, it doesn't seem to destroy creativity; but realizing you want to live your life & be a decent human being does put a limit on the time you pour into different things.  I should've learned this 20 years ago, but better late than never.
Anyway, below are the interviews, thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell
June 2017

Artistic Dad Interviews:
Lou Graziani creator of Cy-Boar (May 2017)
Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea (May 2017)
Philip Polk Palmer (May 2017)
Zachary Scott Lawrence of Endless Chasm (May 2017)

Guitarist Interviews:
Loc Josinski of Koyl (July 2016)
Matt Gut of Fullness Off Lack (October 2016)

Touring Musician Interviews:
Lucio Menegon of Prehistoric Horse (June 2016)