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QRD #70 - comic creators & guitarists
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Feature Interview:
Electric Bird Noise

Guitarist Interviews:
Fred Frith
Phil Dole
Chris Jeely

Comic Creator Interviews:
Jules Rivera
Derek Adnams & Brandon Bullock
Graham & Caroline Johnson
Martin Malin
Mike Rickaby
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Hey Kidz,

Valentine’s Day 1995 was the day the first issue of QRD was passed around the campus of Appalachian State University.  I was 19.  I still haven’t quite figured out whether still being punk or artsy or whatever at 39 is cool or pathetic, but I’m rolling with it either way.

This issue continues the guitarists & comic creators interviews series as well as having a feature interview with Electric Bird Noise.  Not sure what will actually happen next time out.  I have been thinking about trying to do some follow-ups with all of the label owners that took part in the series from 2011-2013 about how things have changed.  Or launching the touring musician questions.  Or pushing the comic shop owner questions a little harder.  Or doing more featured interviews.  It’s hard to say.

I’d hoped to get some of the reviews I’d done in my notebooks potentially for blogs typed up for this issue, but I just lost interest & then ran short on time.  So maybe next time or maybe I’ll abandon the whole thing of doing any reviews.

Those who have been following things elsewhere might know that I’m in the midst of buying a house at the moment.  I’m unsure whether it will allow me to in the end have more space to do more work on music, art, comics, QRD, etc. or end up raising my quality of life to a point where I no longer feel the great urge to do those things.  Right now I have a huge back catalog of work to do & little energy to do it.  In part it’s feeling like I’m screaming in a vacuum & in part it’s feeling my best work is behind me & I suppose in part it’s just getting older & lazier.  Trying to find a way to break through & just get work done.  I’m hopeful that even in the slowdown of work that I am getting a higher quality of life.

The cover art is some beaded angels that my grandmother taught me how to make.  These black ones I made on a tour with The Independents in 2013 & I believe the photo was in a bar in Hamilton, ON.

I guess that’s about it for now.  Thanks for your continued interest & support & please let your friends know about us.  Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to know about new issues.

Brian John Mitchell