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QRD #61 - Guitarist Interview Series Part VIII
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Guitarist Interviews:
Alan Bishop
Grégory Duby
Nathan Joyner
Nick Jonah Davies
Claudia Gregory
Matthew Filler
Julien Ottavi
Chris Brokaw
Andrea Vascellari
Jeff Barsky
Chas McKeown
Jean D.L.
Adam Cooper
Chris Summerlin
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Hey Kidz,

I hope you are all doing well.  It’s another guitarist interview series so you all can geek out.  Especially worth mentioning is Adam Cooper is interviewed in this issue as his “Guitar Geek” section in his zine Whirlpool in the 1990s is really where this whole series began.  I don’t even know if he knows that, but hopefully he’ll read this & find out.  Also the cover star for this issue is me in a photo from a show where I was pulled off the stage for doing drone at a rock club.

I can’t really believe how much content I’m trying to crank out lately.  I’m going to be trying to do some stuff with making some ebooks fairly soon collecting some of the QRD interviews & maybe making print versions available via Lulu or something.  So people will have the option to buy a physical copy of 600 pages of people talking about guitars or whatever.  I’m also putting together an ebook collecting my dream entries from the Silber blog.

Along with all that I am working on a new Remora album, doing some more comics, making buttons, & laying the groundwork for doing a Silber podcast (the first several episodes will chronicle the things that led to the start of Silber as we know it from my discovering zines in the 1980s up until me releasing five CDs in the year 2000). 

In other Silber news, I suppose it’s worth mentioning we did five releases in April.  Four in the 5 in 5 EP series (should be about 8 more in the next couple of months) & then a free EP from Firetail (interviewed this issue!).  Check them out if you can.

So, you know, to keep up with things, you can sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter or do all of those things.

Brian John Mitchell

Guitarist Interviews:
Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls
Grégory Duby of Jesus is My Son & Zoho
Nathan Joyner of All Leather, Secret Fun Club, Some Girls, & Hot Nerds
Nick Jonah Davies
Claudia Gregory of Feel No Other, Claudia VS The Queen of Hearts, & Exhaust The Fox
Matthew Filler of Mansions & Junipers
Julien Ottavi of Massacre, Formanex, & NG4
Chris Brokaw of Come, Codeine, The New Year, Hidden Tooth, The Catamites, & Dirtmusic
Andrea Vascellari of Lullabier & Firetail
Jeff Barsky of Insect Factory & Plums
Chas McKeown of Gray Young
Jean D.L. of Soumonces! & Stahlmus Delegation
Adam Cooper of Alison's Halo & Lochheed
Chris Summerlin of Kogumaza, Grey Hairs, & Dusty Bible