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QRD #60 - Indie Comic Creators Part V
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Mike Dawson
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Nate McDonough
Jason Dube
Brian John Mitchell
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Indie Comic Creator Interview Update with Jason Dube
April 2013

Jason Dube
Name: Jason Dube
City: Sacramento, CA
Comics: Scattered Comics
Websites: www.scatteredcomics.com

New words of advice from Jason Dube....

If you’re a self-publisher or create your own comic books, you probably get very excited & passionate about your work as soon as the first page or cover art starts emerging. You might even decide to show the world how epic your comic book is going to be or even take a larger step & look at a comic convention down the line & tell the world your epic comic is going to premiere at such & such a show. You might even contact the convention & plan on releasing a special convention exclusive variant just for their show & get them to help promote it.

You know, before last year I always had a very strict rule about not advertising a new comic book title or new issues of a comic book (especially saying it will premiere at a certain convention) until I am holding the printed copy in my hand & then promote the book heavily for the next few months. But last year I not only broke my own rule, but I broke it 3 times. The result was not only stressing & cutting corners to hurry the process along, but coming out with one book riddled with typos & English edits, having artwork in another that I wasn’t completely happy with, & a book I had to go back, re-print, & re-fix problems several times (Costing me 3 times what it would have if I took time to go through it the first time). Basically a creator/publisher’s nightmare & worse of all, letting down your fans & possibly turning off new fans that pick up your book for the first time.

Luckily enough I haven’t heard any complaining from the fans & had actually a great deal of positive feedback. The books have all been fixed & corrected in their current print runs making the previous ones maybe a collector’s edition, like one person pointed out, but who knows. So it might be just a artist being picky of his work, but I now know I will stick to my golden rule & let my projects buzz along naturally & not to start promoting a release date until they are either ready to go to the printer or sitting in my hand. Just one of those lessons I had to learn the hard way.
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