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QRD #58 - Indie Comic Interview Series Part IV
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Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Heather Nunnelly
Jeremy Baum
Graeme McNee
Michael Neno
Cihan Sesen
Shana Cleveland
Jeremy The Artist
Andrew Taylor
Simon Moreton
GMB Chomichuk
Virginia Shields
Mulele Jarvis
Lars Kramh°ft
Josie Pi Grant
Palle Schmidt
Shawn Atkins
Tom Kristensen
Francesca Urbinati
Harold Dean Cupec
Adam Black
Daniel McCloskey
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to the fourth installment in our comic creator interview series. I got this issue out a little later than I expected, but three weeks feels like it’s just on the heels compared to the six months between the last two issues! So a couple more weeks & I’ll get the next issue up (label owner series) & then a couple more months & I’ll get the touring musician series going & maybe another installment for musician dads & hopefully finally updating the alphabetical archive page (last updated a few years ago).

I’ve been a little down lately about the general increase in traffic to Silber & QRD the past couple of months while I keep having a decrease in revenue. Not sure exactly what to do about it. But maybe I’ll find the magic trick to survive another year off of Silber & if I do, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, feel free to make a donation or buy an ad.

Below is info about the folks interviewed this issue.  It might be worth noting the art for a couple of the interviews has some nudity in it if you are reading this at work or something.

Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell

Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Heather Nunnelly - Vacant, What If, Before I Sleep
Jeremy Baum - Extravagant Traveler, Postland
Graeme McNee - Minimal Comics, Coma, Living By The Water, Minotaur, Stories
Michael Neno - The Signifiers, The Mesh, Quacky Pig, Freak Cave, The Emotionists, Landlark
Cihan Sesen - Spine, Stop the Rain
Shana Cleveland - Famous Faces, Obscure Giants of Acoustic Guitar, Snack Shack Phunnyz
Jeremy The Artist - My Talking Head, Mortem Apocalypsi, The Axeman
Andrew Taylor - Potential, Doctorcops M.D.
Simon Moreton - SMOO Comics, The Escapologist, Bear Pit Zine
GMB Chomichuk - The Imagination Manifesto, RayGun Gothic
Virginia Shields - The Orbs of Power
Mulele Jarvis - The Mindgator, Elbis, Weird Crime Theater
Lars Kramh°ft - Arch Enemy, Made Flesh, The Grinning Man
Josie Pi Grant - Bourbon Journals
Palle Schmidt - Devil's Concubine, Hard Evidence
Shawn Atkins - Gello Apocalypse, Explorers of the Unknown
Tom Kristensen - Deadboy, Made Flesh, Octopulp Magazine
Francesca Urbinati - Niki Batsprite
Harold Dean Cupec - Pugnuggle Tales, Cryptic Vault of Weird Suspense
Adam Black - Silk & Honey, Locus, Kiss 4K
Daniel McCloskey - A Film About Billy, Top of the Line, Bears in Space