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QRD #53 - Guitarist Interview Series V
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Guitarist Interviews:
Jason Handelsman
Andras Fekete 
Phil Mitchell
Jessica Bailiff 
Jason Lamoreaux
Ben Weyerhaeuser
Greg & Kyrsten Magnuson
Brandon Helms
Matt Guess 
Rachel Staggs
Jun Minowa 
Michael Cosma 
Cheryl Hall
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Hey Kidz, 

Well, here we are at issue 53 & the fifth installment of the guitarist interview series.  Some of these interviews have been sitting around for quite a while as I've waited to get enough to pull an issue together.
Jason Handelsman of The President (May 2011)
Andras Fekete of Boat Burning (May 2011) 
Phil Mitchell of Double Handsome Dragons (March 2011)
Jessica Bailiff (May 2011) 
Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea (June 2011)
Ben Weyerhaeuser of Rags & Ribbons (July 2011)
Greg & Kyrsten Magnuson of Magnuson (July 2011)
Brandon Helms of Mountains Among Us & From Oceans to Autumn (March 2011)
Matt Guess of The White Cascade (March 2011) 
Rachel Staggs of Experimental Aircraft (July 2011)
Jun Minowa of Gargle & Yawning (March 2011) 
Michael Cosma of Anixas (October 2011) 
Cheryl Hall of Irata (October 2011)

I'm thinking about doing some ebook stuff collecting some of the themed interviews & seeing if anyone stumbles upon QRD that way.  Getting a webzine reviewed today seems pretty impossible, but maybe an ebook could garner a mention some places.

Those of you that read the Silber Blog already know, but it's been a pretty rough month for me.  My Grandmother that I've been taking care of for nine years & quit my day job to help three years ago had a fall that caused an inner cranial bleed & she fell into a coma for a week & then she died.  A week after that a dude ran into my car & the cop didn't turn in his paperwork so the other dude's insurance doesn't want to pay for repairs.  But on the positive side I had a couple pretty kick-ass shows with a backing band made up of members of Something About Vampires And Sluts.  

If you dig any of the interviews, please share links to them & if you have some extra pennies please feel free to donate or buy an ad to help me feel like my time is of value.

Brian John Mitchell