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QRD #52 - Indie Label Interview Series
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Indie Label Owner Interviews:
Bar la Muerte
Cape & Chalice 
Dusty Medical Records 
Gilead Media
I Had An Accident
Listen Loudest
Low Point 
Prairie Fire Tapes
Saxwand Records 
Silent Media Projects 
Sloow Tapes
Tompkins Square
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Hey Kidz, 

Well, here we are at issue 52 which seems insane to think about.  I've had most of the interviews sitting around for a few months, but I've been busy with things at Silber & then my computer died so this issue is quite a bit later than I anticipated.  Anyway, this is the third installment in our label owner series & I hope you dig it.  There are a lot of different types of labels both in style of music & style of releases & they come from a lot of different locations with a lot of different ideas.  Some of the ideas that may be true for one label may well be false for one of the others, so it is a bit of a make you think series.

Issue 53 will be another installment in the guitarist series & then after that I'm not sure exactly where we'll be going as I have a few different ideas.  

If you dig any of the interviews, please share links to them & if you have some extra pennies please feel free to donate or buy an ad to help me feel like my time is of value.

Brian John Mitchell

PS - Here's some links to past interviews with label owners.

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Johnny of Transubstans (January 2011)
John Gore of Cohort Records (January 2011)
Adam & Jennifer Melinn of Fedora Corpse Recordings (January 2011)
Jerome Moncada of Basses Frequences (January 2011)
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Sean Gray, Chris Berry, & Tracy Soo-Ming of Fan Death (January 2011)
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Josh Vanek of Wantage USA  (January 2011)
Al Mabon of At War With False Noise (January 2011)
Andrew Maitai of Powertool Records (January 2011)
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Katy Otto of Exotic Fever Records (November 2010)
Taner Torun of Fluttery Records (November 2010)
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mr. kranky of kranky (November 2010)
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Sietse van Erve of Moving Furniture (November 2010)
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Sandro Gronchi of Radical Matters Editions/Label (November 2010)
Stephen Judge of Second Motion Entertainment (November 2010)
Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records (November 2010)
Mark Beazley of Trace Recordings (November 2010)