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QRD #46 - Guitarists Interview Series
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Guitarist Interviews with:
Azalia Snail
Alan Sparhawk
Jesse Grey
Michael Seman
Robert Brown
John Booker
Steven Mitchell
Ian McPhedran
Josef Echter
Jordan Barger
Zachary Corsa
Ed Ricart
Yair Yona
Jeff Schneider
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to the fourth installment of our guitarists interview series.

If you have been reading the past few months, you already know what it's all about, the same 60 or so questions with a dozen or so guitarists.  Below lists the bands the interviewees are associated with.

Issue #47 continues the label owner interview series & should be up in a few days.  Then we are gearing up for a mini-comics special & then who knows what.

Brian John Mitchell

about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Azalia Snail
Alan Sparhawk of Low & Retribution Gospel Choir
Jesse Grey of Wild Dead Rabbits & The Pointless Forest
Michael Shiny of Shiny Around The Edges
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine
John Booker of I Was Totally Destroying It
Steven Mitchell of The Heligoats, Ulysses S. Grant, & Hungry Mountain
Ian McPhedran of Ostrich Tuning
Josef Echter of Draff Krimmy & Apokrypha
Jordan Barger of Arte Povera
Zachary Corsa of Lost Trail
Ed Ricart of Matta Gawa & New Atlantis Collective
Yair Yona
Jeff Schneider of Arab on Radar & Made in Mexico