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QRD #43 - Guitarist Series Part III
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Guitarist Interviews with:
Jon DeRosa of Aarktica
Brian McKenzie
Invisible Elephant
Wim Lecluyse of Circle Bros
Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos
Matt Stevens
Dan Cohoon of Moral Crayfish
Clayton James Mick
John Trubee
Agata of Melt-Banana
Bones Denault of Shady Lady
Eric Hausmann
PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel
Ryan Wasterlain
Miguel Baptista Benedict
Jim Dennis of Random FX
Jon Attwood of Yellow6
Travis Kotler of Pineal Ventana
Brian Elyo of mobdividual
Joe Morgan
Bill Horist
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #43, part three in our guitarists interview series.  The next installment for guitarists probably will be early next year.

I’d hoped for this to be every month, but every five or six weeks seems pretty near to correct.  Gives advertisers a little bit more bang for their buck & me an extra couple days.  So I think that might be what my goal is.  Ten issues a year sounds like enough.

I am planning to have the next couple issues to be interviews with label owners & bass players.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I am hoping to make some ebook versions of QRD soon.  Maybe collect these three issues as a 500 page unit.  Maybe also make it available as print on demand via Cafe Press or something.

The cover star this time is Bill Horist.  Bowing his guitar in his guitar freakout set.

Thank you for your interest & support as always.

Brian John Mitchell

P.S. We are going to start really keeping a mailing list so you know when there is a new issue up to read.  Just sign up below.  It will also have some free give aways & special sales from Silber Records.