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QRD #35 - January 2008
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Origami Arktika interview
Plumerai interview
Jessica Bailiff interview
mwvm interview
Aarktica interview
Brian: A Hero
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Hey Kidz,

Well, I guess last issue I got quite a bit ahead of myself on when I thought new issues would be out.  I'm working on it & I do still plan to get a bunch more themed issues going & get new issues on a much more regular basis this year than in the past several years & stretch towards interviewing a lot more people I know less about at the suggestion of you readers. 

This issue we interviewed a lot of old friends we haven't talked to in a while like Aarktica, Plumerai, & Jessica Bailiff.  I was surprised to realize I'd never done an interview with Rune about Origami Arktika (though he did take part in last year's Father's Day issue). mwvm is of course Silber's new indie ambient star.  Brian: A Hero is a piece I can't really talk about because it's about me.

Thank you all for your support.

Brian John Mitchell