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QRD #29, January 2006
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If Thousands interview
Kobi interview
Plumerai interview
Timothy Renner interview
Torch Marauder interview
Bill Horist interview
Erin O’Brien interview
Nadav Carmel interview
Memories of Piggy
Plumerai Tour Diary
The Day She Carried Me
Four Pieces by Patricia Russo
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Hey Kidz,

Yeah, it's probably been close to a year since the last issue; but it is probably our largest individual issue so far.  Tons of interviews with bands like ambient droners If Thousands, electro-acoustic collaborators Kobi, bliss pop band Plumerai, & rock & roll superhero The Torch Marauder as well as individuals like guitar improvisor Bill Horist, old time music revelator Timothy Renner, novelist Erin O’Brien, & radio host Nadav Carmel.  Then we have articles like Memories of Piggy or how I became a teenaged metal-head by The Torch Marauder (a personal story on the death of Piggy of Voivod), Only Trying to Get Us Some Peace by David Lawrence (a personal story about the death of John Lennon), & a Plumerai Tour Diary.  Then Four Pieces of short fiction by Patricia Russo & a story by Marlene Hyer called The Day She Carried Me.  So I’m pretty pleased with the end results.  I’m kind of excited by the process from this issue, so I’ll probably do issue #30 in just a month or two.

So February 2006 is the 11th anniversary of the printing of the first issue (this past October was the anniversary of starting the first issue).  Over the past few months a lot of people from the past seem to be popping back into my life (Jayson Elliott from Permission & Phil from National Razor) & it's nice to think that people still know QRD & have fond memories of it.  We'll keep going as long as someone still appreciates us.

So I've done some mild site re-design, I hope you guys like it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Brian John Mitchell