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Saving money without hurting the artist

    Iíve been meaning to write this article for about ten years now, but I think the technology has finally gotten to the point where the goal will work.  Everyone has been getting copies of records for years where for some reason the artist receives no payment for the music.  Maybe you bought a used copy or a cut-out.  Maybe you got a promotional copy to review or for free from a radio station.  Maybe you burned or taped a copy of a disc or downloaded the music off of the internet.  At any rate you didnít pay the artist for the music you love.  The average indie artist gets between $1-$2 per cd sold, so the thing to do is go to the artistís website to get the artistís email address, then go to Paypal & send them one dollar.  Sure, you are still hurting the local record stores & the indie labels, but at least youíre not screwing the artists you love & itís just a dollar & probably the dollar your favorite musician needs to buy a beer or a bean burrito or a new guitar string.