I’m not convinced Steve was all right in the head before the zombies, but I know he isn’t quite right now.  I don’t know, maybe his paranoia is what kept him alive in this city, after all paranoia’s just being smart when everyone is out to get you.  His drinking level is pretty scary too.  I haven’t even seen him eat in the two days I’ve been with him.  He’s running his body on alcohol just like the car.  I wish there were someone else to help with this.
     “You ready to go?”
     “Yeah, I don’t have anything else to do,” he says putting a pint of gin in his bag.  “Let’s go.”
 It’s just a two-mile walk to the place of the guys who took out the militia’s building.  I don’t even know what to call the people.  They’re not really marauders because they have a home.  It’s like they somehow almost arbitrarily became enemies instead of friends.
     We go in shooting with the sun just rising.  I’ve emptied two of my three handguns before the first shot comes back at us.  Steve fires his shotgun twice in the direction of the shot & we duck into a room that we’ve already cleared.  I reload the handguns & Steve reloads his pistol & puts two more shells in his shotgun.  He’s actually faster than me & while I’m reloading my second gun he pulls a tire iron out of his bag & jabs it through the skulls of the three bodies in the room & then takes a shot off his bottle.
     “So, Steve, how many have we got left?”
     “Maybe eighty.  But once we’ve got the first floor we can wait the rest out.  You ready?”
I nod my head.
    He grabs one of the bodies & stands it up in the hallway & there aren’t any shots taken at it.  “Let’s go.”  Steve steps in the hallway & runs just firing his shotgun into the next five rooms & I go behind him taking headshots.  He gets to the door to the stairway & reloads the shotgun.  “I guess we’re done with this floor,” he says.  “I’d say we should just burn them out, but the girl might be here.”
    “What do you mean ‘might’ be here?”
    “Nothing.  You want the front door or the stairs?”

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