My brother gave me back some handguns today.  Stacy, who was the toughest one of the girls here & was helping my brother get supplies, was bitten bad enough yesterday that my brother shot her in the head.  She was already dead when he got to her, but he shot her before she came back.  So Im really the only other person here that can function outside of the motel.  The three women who are at the motel are still in mixtures of shock & denial & the four kids are all under ten, two of them were Stacys.  So we need to find out if I can fire a gun & keep my balance with my crutches.  My brothers saying, Youll just have to use 22s mainly I guess, the kick might be small enough.  & I got you this.  Hes handing me a small submachine gun.  Its more to push them back a little & call for help than anything else, it kicks too much for headshots anyway.  Just be careful about using it.  The reason hes telling me to be careful is weve reached the point where bullets are definitely in limited quantity & we need to try to use them sparingly.  Actually its getting harder to find food too.  Stacy died when they were looking for food in an apartment building.  We go outside & I fire a gun & I dont fall down & I feel a little better about myself than I have lately.  I dont know how much longer well be able to live off the remnants of this city.  We need to move to a farm or some place in a less populated part of the country where there might be enough bullets left to handle the number of dead left.  Assuming there are places like that.

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