Things have gotten worse in the city.  Some marauders came through & they lit a lot of buildings on fire & stuff, but it made more zombies homeless & on the street than it probably killed.  I didn’t think there were this many left in the city really.  It lets me know the living are an even bigger minority than I thought.  It makes me feel like I should just shoot myself in the head & get it over with because I’m just wasting my time trying to stay alive.  I need to talk to my brother about trying to move, but where do we go & how do we get the fuel to get there?  There’s no place to refuel after the first tank is gone & we’re almost out of cars to siphon from in this city & low on the dry gas & octane booster we need to use to make the fuel useable.  Which also means we’ll soon have no generator & no electricity or water.

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