Everything will be okay

     As I知 falling through the doorway into the apartment I知 not sure if I知 alive or dead.  I知 not sure if this is how being dead feels, just a lot of hurting & an incredible desire to get home.
     I can see Katherine痴 mouth moving & feel the sound of her talking, but I can稚 hear the words as she comes to help me up.  That I知 not trying to bite her makes me think I must still be alive.
     I don稚 know how long it痴 been when I wake up; it could be a couple hours or maybe a whole day.  My mouth tastes like blood & I can feel with my tongue that I知 missing at least three teeth.  I open my eyes & call for Katherine & she comes to me & kneels down on the floor next to the couch I知 lying on & she痴 got a glass of water for me with a straw.  的s it bad? I ask her.
 She smiles & a couple of tears run out of her eyes.  展ell, your left leg & left arm are broken, your nose is broken, you probably have some broken ribs & your right index finger is missing.
     擢uck.... I知 sorry, I didn稚 mean to swear.
     的t痴 okay.
     的知 sorry.  I知 sorry I love you.  I shouldn稚 have come back like this.
     哲o, it痴 okay, you値l be alright, I値l take care of you.  I値l get a doctor & in a couple of months you値l be back to normal.  Drink your water.
     I drink some water & I知 thinking about that movie from the 1930痴 where a girl becomes a prostitute to pay her husband痴 medical bills after a car accident.  I can稚 let that happen.  I try to get off the couch, but I just fall on the floor.
     泥o I need to tie you up?
     I want to ask her to hold me in her arms & shoot me in the head.  哲o.  It痴 just....  What are we going to do about food?  Look at me.  I don稚 want you to go out there.
 She helps me back up on the couch.  展ell, I don稚 see any choice in that.  I know you want to protect me, but it was always inevitable that I壇 eventually leave the house.
     泥id I ever get you a gun?
     摘verything will be okay. I want to believe her & I do because when I reach to touch her face with my bandaged bloody right hand she doesn稚 pull away, but leans in to kiss me.

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