Since it hit

     Since the plague hit everything's gotten pretty crazy.  Everybody's pretty much stopped going to work & everybody's pretty much trying to defend their homes as martial law is attempting to come in effect.  I never thought I'd be a looter, but since the zombies came it's pretty much the only way to get anything.  I'm in the Wal-Mart when I hear a whole pack of people come in.  I see some of them & they're one of those groups of marauders.  Professional hunter/gatherer/looters that compete with the militia units in size & strength.  The militias & marauders sometimes take each other out for supplies.  I'm not really even sure how much better the militias are sometimes.  I hide by a case stack in one of the toy aisles because I figure that's someplace they're less likely to hit.
     I hear them yelling to each other & eventually one of them comes into my aisle.  I club him in the back of the head with my right forearm as I kick his left ankle.  He falls & I grab his arm to pull him off the floor to tape his mouth shut; but when I yank, his head gets caught on the lip of the bottom shelf & his shoulder dislocates & then his neck snaps & he's bleeding from a cut where his head was caught.  I hide his body with me behind the case stack & I take off his pistol & put it in my backpack.  I take his knife & shove it through his eye to kill his brain so he won't come back.  I get a lighter & a pack of cigarettes out of his pockets & bullets are the only thing I need from his backpack.  There are shots fired from the front of the store & I run for the fire exit.  There's more gunfire, enough that when the fire alarm goes off it's barely noticeable.  I look around the edge of the building & it's a militia that's having a face off with these marauders.  There's no way I'm going to be able to get to my car & all this noise is going to attract a lot of zombies.

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