Theyíre coming after me & theyíre smarter & faster than I expected them to be.  God, theyíre using tools.  One of them has a meathook in his left hand & his entire left arm is caked with dry blood.  I keep thinking I can out run or out smart them, but there are a few more each time I look behind me.  They can outlast me.  I know that.  So I duck into a house that fortunately or unfortunately no one else is hiding in.  Iím hoping I might be safe here with the lights out.  That sitting still  in the corner of the living room will save me.  I can still see from the light of the streetlights & the front door is one of those ones where the top half of it is glass.  I can see the shadow of it on the wall as the arm & meathook rise & smash the glass out.  It uses the hook to help it jump through the opening & itís as agile as a cat.  If I still had a gun Iíd shoot myself in the head at this point.  I donít know if I can survive this one, much less the hundreds out in the streets of the city.  I jump on him & wrap my right hand around his fist holding the meathook & shove my left hand in his face.  He bites into my palm & rips the hook halfway through my hand before we even hit the floor.  I land on top of him & drive my knee into his stomach as hard as I can & his teeth let go of my left hand.  The fall made him lose grip of the hook & itís stuck inside my hand so I shove the point of it into his left eye & bang it in deeper with my free fist.  The fingers in my right hand donít even work anymore & I pull the hook out & I have it in my left hand when I see another one at the door.  This oneís clumsier & is kind of bent over at the waist half in & half out trying to fall through the opening & I kick the back of its head three times smashing it against the door & it stops struggling.  I go into the kitchen & turn the light on & clean my hands as much as I can & tie my right hand back together with a garbage bag.  I hear the deadbolt from the front door unlatch.  This is it.  This is the end.

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