Iím in the library hiding in a stairwell & I donít know how safe of a place this is. Iím looking out the little door-window into the second floor & I donít see anybody & things look pretty still & seem in pretty good order. I open the door & step into the alcove & walk by a row of windows to the double glass doors & walk in. Iím walking through the aisles & aisles of books for nothing in particular & itís overwhelming. I have this split feeling between wanting to consume all of them & not wanting to read any of them because they all deal with the past, which I canít even relate to anymore. Then I hear a clump-clump-clump like someone with a lame leg walking up stairs & I know itís a zombie walking up the spiral staircase in the center of the room. Iím wondering how many zombies might be in here & Iím hoping itís not many, so I just pull my prybar out of my bookbag instead of a gun. I run out of the aisles to the staircase & heís three steps down from being on this level. I slam the prybar into his head between the eyes & it goes in & his head spins a little to his right as I continue the swing. The pry bar slips out of his head as he falls back down the stairs. I donít see any others around & I donít really want a book anymore so I go to the glass doors I came in through & go back to the stairwell. My adrenaline is cooling down & making me a little spacey & Iím not paying much attention when I open the door to the stairs. I step through the doorway & Iím grabbed by a zombie & we fall to the floor, him on top of me face to face. Heís got his hands clamped on my shirt & is trying to bite my face & Iím holding him a few inches above me with my left hand on his chest & repeatedly hitting him as hard as I can in his left eye with my right hand. Pieces of his brittle dead skin are breaking off & falling on to my face & his eyeís already a bunch of goo. I take my thumb & shove it through his gooey eye into his brain & am twiddling it around inside for a couple seconds before his body stops functioning. I roll him off of me & wipe my hand off on his shirt. Iím lying on the floor for maybe a minute trying to catch my breath before I get up & take my prybar out again. I leave the building & walk home & my girlfriendís going to be pissed at me because I didnít get us any books to read.

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