When I find Erika she’s in a room with eight other kids & a woman that’s hiding in a corner behind some furniture.  I pull a pistol out of my backpack & give it to Erika saying, “I’m sorry I took so long.” She gives me a hug & I say, “Let’s go,” & when I leave the room all nine kids are following me.
    Steve is at the end of the hallway yelling, “Hurry up!” & when he sees all the kids he says, “Jeez, I didn’t know we were starting an orphanage.”
    I turn behind me & see Erika pulling one of the kids crying off of a dead body & saying, “Come on,” & actually dragging his weight behind her for a few steps before he puts his feet under himself & starts walking.
    I feel the pain in my chest before I hear the gunshot.  As I’m falling to the floor I see the woman who was hiding in the room with a smoking handgun with a 3/4 of an inch muzzle.  By the time I hit the ground Erika’s shot her three times in the stomach which is the kind of shot you’d only use if you want someone to get eaten alive.  Steve helps me up asking, “Are you okay?”
    “I think I broke a few ribs, but I’m fine.”

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