I donít understand how the city functions.  Everyone seems to wander pointlessly.  There doesnít seem to be anyone working at anything.  No trading for food & goods or any kind of commerce at all.  The people donít even seem to be talking to each other.
    Half way through the morning everyone seems to gravitate towards the center of town & I follow them.  The man whose clothes Iím wearing is standing in front of a fountain.  As I get closer I see whatís in the fountain.  Itís a mass of flesh.  Zombies with all their bones broken & left to weather for who knows how long.  Itís in constant motion like some of the muscles in it that are still working are trying to get out to find food & all the mouths  inside it are constantly biting at the air above them.  A man about the same size as my guard comes up with a sledgehammer.  The guard just stands waiting & the first hit breaks the femur of his right leg & he falls down for the rest of the beating.  After about twenty more hits with the sledgehammer the man picks up the guard & tosses him in the fountain & I notice that all the townspeople have been cheering the whole time & theyíve all suddenly stopped & gotten down on their hands & knees praying to the fountain & the only sound is the teeth from the fountain on the guards flesh.  He isnít even screaming.  Iím on my knees with everyone else.  I canít believe this is where I came from.  Probably inside the fountain are the remains of my mother.  I need to get to another city.  I keep thinking about my mother being one of the mouths in the fountain & I go into convulsions.  Iíd be throwing up if Iíd eaten recently.  The townspeople notice & a couple of them start kicking me in the ribs.  I only feel eight kicks before I lose consciousness.

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