I start walking west towards Aurora; I found it in a road atlas in an old gas station.  Needing to go into one of the old stores always freaks me out a little.  All the stuff inside in bright packaging coated with dust & I have no idea what most of it was used for.  Itís just kind of depressing; it makes me feel like Iím not as smart as people were sixty years ago & that people will have lost more in another sixty years.  Not devolving exactly, but something.  My dad had me read all these books that were literature or whatever, Dosteovsky & Melville & stuff.  I didnít really understand it because it seems so far away from real.  I donít know if itís hard to relate to just for me or for anyone born in the last fifty years.  I wonder if in the cities people are writing new books.
    Iím kind of scared of getting to a city & not liking it.  My dad hated the cities so much.  He said that as more people came in the walls of the cities there wasnít enough work or food for people & theyíd become really violent.  Some people were killing each other & some people were eating each other.  My dad & grandfather moved to Aurora because it wasnít supposed to be as bad as a lot of places because it hadnít really been in a metropolitan area & actually had farmland inside its walls.  That was a long time ago though & Iím not really hoping for anything much besides a chance to not be alone.

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