When I wake up Iím in a cinderblock room that smells like wood alcohol & something rotting.  Iím tied down to a bed & the thin man who injected me before is measuring the lengths of every part of my body & writing them down on a chart.  After he finishes he goes to a desk & sits down.  He looks at me & smiles a little, then he injects something into his own arm.  He closes his eyes & his smile melts into a slightly open mouth.  After about two minutes he comes back over to me with a syringe & a mason jar of something brown & black.  He sets the mason jar on a table next to the bed & when he opens it the smell tells me itís flesh from the fountain.  He looks at the chart & starts drawing the liquefied flesh into the syringe & he starts injecting small doses into every joint in my body.  After the first fifteen injections I canít even feel him putting the needle in anymore.  I get this overwhelming feeling that Iím not lost & have a purpose.  The injections make me feel like Iím home for the first time in my life.

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