When we get to Evanston, the place seems pretty abandoned & pretty well looted.  I go to a post office to try to find directions to where the militia was.  I find the directions inside along with three zombies I need to put down.  I need to make a map for Erica so she can find her way home if something happens to me & I need to teach her how to drive.  She might not even be tall enough to drive though.  Maybe I shouldn't have let her come with me.
     I drive to where the militia headquarters were & I have Erica go in with me.  I have her shoot three of the five zombies we find.  I need to make sure she's as good of a shot & as tough as possible.  It's almost like I'm training her to be a roman gladiator or something.  Or just trying to make it possible for her to survive.  Sometimes I wish my dad had raised me with a gun so it would be some undeniable part of me or something, but I think really it would've ended up with me having more trouble shooting people in the head because of the responsibility he would've drilled into me.  Everything worked out anyway since I'm still alive.
     There isn't too much left in the militia's place.  A few bedrooms have some bullets & couple cans of food, but the storerooms have already been emptied.  I'm going to look around for some gas for the generator here so we'll be able to take hot showers & do some laundry.

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