The other day when I came home Sandra’s body was lying in the front yard.  Erica had shot her once in the chest & once in the head.  Sandra had wandered off somewhere & she came back dead & Erica put her down.  Erica’s too tough really for a ten-year-old.  I’m afraid she might just snap from it all eventually, but I guess all this dead-walking stuff seems just like normal life since she’s so young & has dealt with it the past two years.
     I feel bad because in a way I’m glad Sandra’s gone so I don’t have to worry about her anymore.  All I have to do is bury her next to my brother.  It makes me feel kind of weak that she never was able to take care of herself; that it was my fault because I couldn’t provide a safe enough place.  I guess if I could provide a safe enough place she wouldn’t be dead now.

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