When I get to Jennifer’s house, the two kids (Erica & Jason) & Sandra are waiting in the car, but Jennifer left looking for food.  I should’ve put Erica in charge because she’s the most competent, but she’s only ten so it’s not too practical.  I guess I was gone a lot longer than the few hours I said I would be & maybe they thought I was dead.  I see myself in a sideview mirror & I have a lot more blood on me than I thought & I look tired & I realize I am tired
    I go in Jennifer’s house & make sure it’s clear & it is.  Her family had the place set up pretty well.  I wonder what she was like before her father & brother died when Brian & I saved her from a zombie mob.  I wonder if she kinda lost it then or if it was before that.  Since she went for food I guess it means she’s snapped out of it.  Sandra has the same blank look on her face she did six months ago; she’s never even said a word.  I only know her name because she had her driver’s license when we found her.  At the motel she was pretty able to function unsupervised, but in this situation I’m not so sure.
    I have Sandra & the kids come into the house & I give Erica a gun.  I tell her not to use it unless she has to & knows she’ll hit what she’s aiming at & to wake me up if she gets too tired.  I lie down & go to sleep.

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