I wake up & I put my brother’s body on the kitchen table.  He doesn’t weigh anything at all now; I guess all the blood & everything else has drained out of his body.  I want to bury him at the same site as the rest of our family.  I guess I need to get a car first.
    I go back in the woods towards the motel.  I’m trying to stay focussed on just going to steal a car & not to kill anyone.  I don’t know if that plan’s going to work out.  It seems in a way like the easiest & most rational thing to do would be to die trying to kill these assholes.
    When I get to the motel, most of the cars are still there.  At least four are missing from last night.  I open the door of a sedan & there’s a punk rock couple with dyed black hair sleeping in the back seat.  I smash the butt of my rifle into the guy’s face killing him.  I cover the girl’s mouth with my left hand & say, “Give me the keys & keep fucking quiet.”  She pulls the keys out of her dead boyfriend’s front pocket.  I take the keys from her & drive to the house.
    I pull her out of the car & shoot her boyfriend in the head with the pistol.  I take her inside & tie her to a chair with duck tape.  “So who are you people?” I ask her.
    “Fuck you, militia man.”
    She’s a lot younger than I initially thought.  I don’t know if she’s more than fifteen, her face is still a little round with baby fat.  I want to hit her, if she were a guy I’d beat her until she shit herself.  I’m just staring at her & she’s biting her bottom lip trying to be tough, but she just starts crying anyway.
    I get my brother’s body & pull the punk out of the car & put my brother in.  I get a shovel from the house & drive across town to the gravesite.
    When I get there it takes a few minutes for me to get out of the car.  The last time I was here I had my son & wife in the backseat.  I’d gotten a neighbor to shoot them & put them in the car for me.  I laid them in the ground myself in the fourty-second row.  Both in the same grave, marker 42-317.  Our parents are somewhere in row thirty-seven & our sister’s in sixty-one.  This would be row 103 where I dig his grave.  There won’t be anyone left to put me here when I die.

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