Brothers Ė Part 3

     ďFuck!Ē  When I hear the second explosion in the distance I know it means my brother was still alive when I left & might still be now.  I park the car on the side of the road.  I tell Jennifer to drive the car to her old house & that Iíll meet her there in a few hours & not to get out of the car.  I give her a pistol & take my shotgun & rifle & other pistol with me & walk through the woods the half-mile back to the motel.
    I didnít really have the time to see how many of them there were when I drove out, but Iím shocked I made it out.  They mustíve mistaken our car for one of theirs.  I count twenty-three cars plus a Ryder moving truck & two motorcycles.  Thereís probably about 70 of them.  At least half of them seem really bored with whatís going on.  The main entrance is caved in from one of the explosions.  I stay in the woods & go around to the back entrance.  Thereís a gunshot & I see my brother lying down halfway out of the motel propping the door open.  A man comes up from behind him & steps on his arm & I shoot the guy in the head with my rifle.  I go up to my brother & heís not moving & he feels cold, but he still has a pulse.  His jumpsuit is soaked with blood & his wounds seem to be leaking blood more than bleeding.  I pick him up in my arms & take him into the woods & he still hasnít moved at all.  After about a quarter mile I get to a house & I kick the door in & lay my brother down on the kitchen floor & make sure there arenít any zombies inside.
    My brother looks broken.  He looks more like an unstringed marionette than a man.  I get a roll of gauze & tape & hydrogen peroxide from the bathroom & I take off my brotherís jumpsuit so I can treat his wounds.  I cover the wounds on his back & chest & shoulder & leg & hand & start cleaning his blood off his body with the peroxide.  His jumpsuit feels cold & wet from the blood, so I get some blankets to cover him & I sit holding him on the floor trying to keep him warm, but he just gets colder & colder.  He opens his eyes for a second & looks at me & smiles & blood runs out of his mouth & his eyes drift back closed.  I try to check his pulse, but there isnít one.  I put my pistol in his mouth & fire it & keep holding his body until I fall asleep.

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