The apartment complex weíre going through today is one where a lot of my friends used to live when I was a teenager.  I donít even really think itís worth checking.  I canít imagine finding anything of value  except maybe a half-empty bottle of tequila.  Which is pretty much all we find except nine bodies already shot in the head & seven we need to put down; I donít recognize any of them.  Almost every apartment has already been broken into, but it must have been early on because there are a few cans of food, but no tvís or vcrís or stereos.  One of the apartments on the top floor has two dead bolts on it that my brother breaks out with a sledgehammer.  Thereís a body on the floor lying between a couch & a coffee table with a beer bottle shoved through its left eye socket & I just get the feeling that this was an actual murder rather than some kind of self-defense.  Thereís some fully automatic rifles & ammunition in one of the bedroom closets.  Also in the closet is god only knows how much cash.  It seems to me if you were this good of a thief or drug dealer or whatever that you would live in a better neighborhood.  Maybe this is from one of the bank robberies that happened in the first couple weeks when police were busy with zombies & people thought things might get back pretty close to normal & stores were still selling things for money.  Maybe all the bank robberies helped to cause the end of the use of money.  After three weeks the militia was formed here & theyíd shoot any looters as well as the dead & I bet the me of then would shoot the me of now.

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