I wake up from a dream about an ex-girlfriend.  She’s the kind of ex-girlfriend that never goes away in your head because the relationship never really had any closure.  We stopped going out because it was too serious, at least that’s what she told me; but I know she lied to her friends & family kind of a lot.  We broke up about three months before the zombies came.  I keep thinking I’ll run into her & either (A) she’ll be dead & I’ll need to shoot her in the head & I won’t need to worry about her anymore or (B) she’ll still be alive & maybe we’ll get back together.  It’s not really significantly different from the hope/dread of running into somebody you’re still in love with at the grocery store & trying to decide if you should talk to them or ignore them if you do actually see them.
     When I get out of bed I fall down.  I use the bed to get myself up off the floor & I grab my crutches leaning against the foot of the bed.  Who am I trying to fool, what kind of girl would fall back in love with a cripple?  Especially these days.  How would I be able to feed us both, much less protect us….

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