We're in the city for supplies & I see a pack of zombies circled around something.  I didn't think there was anyone or thing left alive here for them to attack.  But I guess the responsible thing to do is find out.  "Barry, look.  You think they're still alive?"  I say to my brother pointing at where they're gathered in the middle of the street.
"I guess we should check," he says pulling up his rifle & shooting one in the head.  It doesn't effect the rest of them, so something must still be alive.  We run the two hundred yards, my brother switching his rifle out for a handgun while I pull out my prybar.  I start knocking my way to the center as my brother shoots them in the head.  In the center there's a girl in her early twenties in fetal position hiding under two dead bodies that haven't re-animated yet.  I shove the prybar through the head of each of the bodies  & pick up the girl.  My brother's on his third gun when he kills the last one.  Sometimes it scares me that we trust each other enough to do things as unsafe as this.  I don't think I could ever trust anyone else this much & I don't think I could've ever trusted him this much if things hadn't happened how they have.  When we get back to the car, I lay the girl down on the backseat.  She's covered in blood, but none of it seems to be hers, so I guess she's all right.  She's shaking & hyperventilating & curls herself back into a ball when I let go of her.

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