I think one of them broke my arm today.  I donít know why, but sometimes some of them are a lot smarter than others.  The one that broke my arm jumped me from a second story roof.  Iím lucky that a broken arm is all I could have.  Iím lucky he didnít land on me with his teeth.  I saw him falling towards me out of the corner of my eye & I raised my right arm to try to block him, but he still knocked me down & landed with his stomach smothering my face & his chest pinning my right arm.  I had to pull my pistol with my left hand & shoot him in the hip just to roll him off me.  When I tried to get up I put some weight on my right arm & it hurt so bad it took two shots to hit him in the head even though he was only a foot away.  So now my brother & I decided itís really been too dangerous all along for us to be searching for supplies alone.  I know it probably wouldnít have made a difference with what happened today, but eventually a group of marauders will probably come here & thatíll be a lot harder to deal with than the smartest-fastest zombie.  I need to find out if my armís really broken or not.  I need to find out if I need to put a cast on it & how long it will take to heal.  I think itís six weeks; I really canít afford that.

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