The militia's leaving here.  They've given up the city as lost.  I know it is & everything, but it has too much sentimental value; so me & my brother are staying.  I'm kind of surprised no one else is going to stay.  Maybe they're just more realistic.  There started out being over a hundred of us here & now there's about thirty.  It's really disturbing when you see a zombie wearing a militia jumpsuit.  You need to shoot the thing in the head before you get a chance to recognize it.
Since there's going to be all this space (actually there really already is), we're going to try to get any of the survivors in the city to move here.  Not necessarily because this place is so much more secure than anyplace else as much as because there is safety in numbers & with the militia gone, marauders will be more likely to try to take this place.  Maybe the marauders are the smart ones, creating new tribal cultures instead of trying to preserve the old way of life.  But I hear the stories about them beheading the recent dead & cooking & eating them & that's something I know I can't bring myself to do.  That's probably why so many of them are going crazy; they're probably catching some weird disease from eating bodies that have been dead too long.

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