Since our family died we joined the militia.  There's really not much else to do.  You can either join the militia or get shipped off to an allegedly safer city or try to make it on your own until you starve to death or slip up & get eaten alive.  I don't know how my brother's dealing with things.  I don't really even understand how I'm dealing with it, but at least I was pretty much use to not having anyone too close to me.  He had a wife & a kid.  It's been hard enough for me that our parents & sister & other brother died.  I hope he didn't have to shoot his wife & baby in the head.  It's kind of one of those things you figure you really shouldn't talk about.  There's just too much potential for bringing up things that need to be suppressed & forgotten.
 There are about a hundred of us in our militia unit.  We all live in a three-story hotel that we've adjusted to be safer.  Sheets of plywood screwed in to the exterior frames cover all the windows.  All but the main entrance are sealed shut.  So first the zombies would have to get in the building & then they'd need to break into your individual room.  There are three generators in the storage room, two to power the place & one spare.  Still having electricity & running water (we have a well) almost makes it feel like a really horrible vacation instead of the end of the world.  A lot of guys just watch a lot of movies & play video games (we took the inventory of almost every video store in town).  I guess the same things young americans have done to avoid reality for years.  No one ever talks about the past or the future.  The only talk is about "job" (for lack of a better word) stories & the video games & movies.  Kind of like college without classes or girls.  Sometimes I wish I had better social skills so I could fit in with the guys better.  But I guess I don't really care too much since I just drink & sleep instead of being with them....

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