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Vlor - six-winged six-winged
CD 2009 | Silber 075
16 tracks, 50 minutes
$12 ($18 international)
Six-Winged is a terrific album that flits from style to style, but manages to hang together perfectly. Even the book ending tracks, ostensibly two versions of the same thing, sound nothing like each other. The first a delicate, fragile whisper of a song, the second straying into Galaxie 500 territory. It shows that surprise and variety needn’t be at the expense of consistency and flow.
~ Music Musing & Miscellany

The Silber super group returns this time featuring Brian John Mitchell (Remora/Small Life Form), Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk), Michael Wood (Something About Vampires And Sluts), Jessica Bailiff, Annelies Monsere, Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle), Michael Walton (mwvm), Paolo Messere (6 P.M.), & more.  Sounds go from indie pop to punk rock to drone ambient. 

: Listen to the track damage the land & the sea
: Listen to the track i have left home (reprise)
: Press release
: Reviews
: Watch video for Watch Me Bleed
track listing:
i have left home, without blame, guided, never to be rebuilt, she goes out with boys, tolerate the wicked, damage the land & the sea, watch me bleed, children's teeth, statue of jealousy, will i see you again, maybe you should chew on my fist, not the one for me, young lions, boundaries of the land, i have left home (reprise)