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The Wet Teens: Let It Pee The Wet Teens - Let It Pee
MP3 Album 2010 | Silber 088
7 tracks, 20 minutes
$5 (download only (256 kbps, ~48 megs))
Okay, I know what you're thinking, "What's a glam punk band doing on Silber?"  Well, when good friends make good music, you feel a need to make it heard.  Over the top & hyper-sexualized rock & roll brought back to life &, much like Frankenstein's Monster, is stronger & more intense than before it died.

: Press release
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Track Listing
An Introduction by Ron Jeremy, The Wet Teens, Sweet Little Fag, Love Creme, Lick You to the Core, Stuck in You, Triple X Sex

“Your only chance to see a live Glam band … in South Carolina … was to start your own”.
So the press release goes, and The Wet Teens have done precisely this – twice. In the late 1970s, Michael Mercury‘s band The Wet Teens were sadly short-lived, managing only to run off a small quantity of high-energy demos before tragedy struck, Mercury dying of syphilis.
Fast forward twenty-five years, and Michael Mercury’s nephew stumbles across the demo, re-records it (acquiring his uncle’s persona in the process), and The Wet Teens were born afresh. Remarkable info dump over, the Let It Pee of today is loud, crude and fun.
From the literal opener “An Introduction By Ron Jeremy“ to the punning album title to the simulated orgasm contained in “Stuck In You”, Let It Pee isn’t clever. Yet, the band know the strengths of the material and instead litter the short collection (just six tracks) with heavyweight guitar work that, even without the back-story, you just know is true to a time when axe-slaying ruled the airwaves.
Those that chime out in closer “Triple X Sex” bring the power of AC/DC to mind, the measured chug of the eyebrow-raising “Sweet Little Fag” is purely background to the stadium riffs that rip through its midsection. “Stuck In You” comes on entirely like a strutting Rolling Stones ballad only by way of Guns N’ Roses‘ version of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” thanks to its waterfalls of indulgent piano.
Cleanly produced, Let It Pee is frequently taken to the gutter by Mercury and his ghost with varied and unfaltering tales of promiscuity, and, in particular, of fellatio. See any track for proof, but these direct pearls probably take the biscuit: “Her heart is open, and so are her legs / She gives it to me, I don’t have to beg / The time has come girl for us to fuck”. It’s safe to say that this sort of thing would even make most modern commercial hip-hop lotharios blush.
Not for the fainthearted then, The Wet Teens nevertheless do history proud. It’ll be interesting to see if the current incarnation can strike it out on their own, but, for now, South Carolina can again ring to the sound of a Glam-rock thought forgotten, to a very welcome blast from the past. 
~ Rob Gannon, [sic]magazine

Genuine 70's glam punk mixing the sounds of AC/DC, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, & The Stooges.  The original Wet Teens came to a sudden end when lead singer & frontman Michael MErcury die of syphilis - a complication of being a sex addict & a Christian Scientist.  Twenty-five years later his nephew acquired a copy of The Wet Teens demo tape & relaunched the band taking on his uncle's persona.  Result: Stepping out of a time warp!
~ Blotter - The Bad Acid Podcast

South Carolina's Wet Teens were a glam-rock band of the New York Dolls generation. They dissolved when their singer Michael Mercury died. The anthemic hard-rock of Wet Teens and Sweet Little Fag already sounds like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. Meanwhile the lascivious and loathsome lyrics outdo the Cramps, two years before they appeared. Triple X Sex is perhaps the funniest skit of their hyper-sexed cabaret. Their only demo was released 25 years later as Let It Pee (Silber, 2010).
~ Scaruffi

The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based punk outfit, the Wet Teens has a rather unusual history that dates back almost forty years and at least two different incarnations. Starting off in the late 1970s, when glam punk and glam rock were the biggest thing out there – think of the New York Dolls and Generation X, for example – it wasn’t very often that you’d come across many glam punk bands down South. So like tons of little towns across the country, the Wet Teens formed, fronted by Michael Mercury and they played tons of shitty little dives across South Carolina before recording a demo that had dubbed, and passed on to their friends. Sadly, the band came to a rather sudden end when Michael Mercury died of syphilis. As the unfortunate legend has it, Mercury was a sex addict and a Christian Scientist.
Fast forward some twenty-five years when a house fire destroyed the Mercury family home. The late Michael’s nephew came across a copy of his uncle’s demo and decided to re-form the band, taking on his uncle’s persona. The re-formed Wet Teens eventually re-recorded the demo which is now their EP, Let It Pee. Clocking in at about twenty minutes, Let It Pee is a tribute to sin, debauchery and glorious, ridiculous excess – drink too much, party too much, do too much drugs, fuck too much, repeat and then repeat again. Maybe you get into a fight or you pass out in your own vomit. It’s the rock ‘n roll lifestyle where you live fast and die even faster …
Musically, the Wet Teens will remind listeners of Bon Scott-era AC/DC, Motley Crue and other bands of that ilk – that is obnoxiously aggressive, loud, and fast music. We’re talking about screaming guitars, pounding drums and screaming vocals. But where AC/DC and even Motley Crue had a sense of menace and danger, the Wet Teens are outrageously juvenile and sex obsessed. “Sweet Little Fag,” is an inappropriately funny song describing how after a gig, a gay man makes a sexual advance towards Mercury – and how Mercury goes along with it. “Love Cream,” is full of filthy, sexual come ons and innuendo. “I’ll lick you to your core,” Mercury grunts, screams and howls, throughout the chorus.
Let It Pee is a fun, outrageous ode to the rock ‘n roll excess of old but at the same time, it’s not terribly original and feels a bit dated for those listeners like me who had grown up headbanging to Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood, Guns ‘n Roses’ Appetite for Destruction or AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. But for a new generation of listeners who have quickly tired of the pabulum and bullshit that the major labels call music, Let it Pee will probably feel like a revelation. Let’s hope that this album will draw people to the great music of the era that influenced the original demo. 
~ William Ruben Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement

Ahh… to be a carefree teenager again: invincible, immortal, no responsibilities save getting good grades scoring a bitchin’ ride.
On a slight detour from the average Silber Records CD, which is usually more experimental-driven, drone-noise-ambient-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink types of tinkering and toying with.
The Wet Teens’ new CD, Let it Pee is a raunchy, hilarious romp, evoking memories of late-night parties, raunchy, meaningless sex, sex, sex and the devil-may-care attitude that accompanies such a thrill-ride. The Wet Teens are not, as was de rigueur back in the 2002-2007 days, full of faux-angst and almost over-their-heads in polemic logic that quickly degenerated into brooding and heavy drug use (Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182 – a small exception there, since their lyrics were mostly just sophomoric dick jokes and stupid sexual innuendo which wasn’t even funny, just bathetic).
As a band, these young hedonists may at first come off as a bunch of crude frat-boy-pranks, but there is actual talent there. I can’t say that they aren’t also guilty of over-the-top sexual crassness – but that is their raison d’etre: they play their instruments well too, not virtuosic, but well enough to give them some “crit-cred” (as opposed to “street cred”, dig?) – to coin a phrase…in other words, they have the talent and the panache to back up their orgiastic party romps, their cleverly written tunes in which they let it all hang out, which makes it more fun to listen to – humorous songs that take you back to those awkward teenage days when anything went and you were immortal and knew everything and their was no consequences for any of your actions – not in the near term, anyway and that’s all that mattered at the time – wasn’t it? So, let’s mark them in the “Creative” box and go on from there. So, bottom line – when you put on Let it Pee, leave your silly, old-fashioned hang-ups in the closet, like so many unused coats and hats.
So, while The Wet Teens may be new and therefore I can’t go on and compare this one to their old stuff, or whatnot, I can just say that it doesn’t really do them justice to try to write what they’re all about, I can only describe it from my point of view and say that it’s worth a listen and then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
The CD opens with an apropos introduction by Ron Jeremy (track 1) and then goes right into a song titled “Wet Teens” – I guess you could call it their mission statement. Two other tracks that may arouse your enthusiasm are “Stuck In You” and “Triple X Sex”. It’s basically something you can use in place of the soundtrack for whatever porn flick is in your DVD player, turn down the volume on the tube and crank up the ‘Teens.
~ Kent Manthie, Reviewer Magazine

Born out of a house fire, when the nephew of the late Michael Mercury discovered his uncle's old demo (from the 1970s), The (revamped) Wet Teens play glam rock and early 1980s style music - full of lyrics about excess, exploits, and debauchery, all out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
If you love 1980s cover bands, this might be your ideal new glam rock band. With an album title like "Let it Pee" how could you not be intrigued? Their lyrics are explicit, their guitar lines intense, their drum beats driving, and we're sure their live show would be invigorating.
Together since 2004, but influenced by music from 30 plus years ago, we're not really sure what their end goal may be, but they've creatively revived an era.
~ New Band Daily

Il y a des disques dont l'histoire est plus intéressante que la musique. Si l'on en croit le dossier de presse (qui vaut le coup d'oeil), l'origine de celui-ci vient directement de la grande période du glam où un petit groupe local voit son leader mourir après l'enregistrement de leur première démo en raison de ses excès de débauche. Trente-cinq ans plus tard, le neveu du chanteur découvre les bandes, adopte la personnalité de son oncle et remonte le groupe pour nous offrir ces chansons dans ce Let It Pee. Joli conte de fée mais n'écoutant que son côté investigateur, le rédacteur de DLMDS va chercher plus loin (et je vous promets que chercher The Wet Teens dans un moteur de recherche, ce n'est pas Safe For Work comme on dit là-bas...), découvre que cet album est déjà sorti sur un petit label il y a deux ans et que le groupe serait en fait composé de différents membres de la scène locale (en l'occurence Myrtle Beach, South Carolina). Moins glamour, mais après tout cela ne remet pas en cause la version officielle, alors on va rester sur la réincarnation...
La musique ? Ca va venir, mais on va d'abord parler du concept de l'album (et contrairement à ce que le titre laisse penser, ce n'est pas une parodie d'un groupe célèbre) qui est : parler de sexe. Si le premier titre 'An Introduction by Ron Jeremy' (double sens sans aucun doute volontaire) ne suffit pas à vous faire comprendre (pas non plus Safe For Work à googliser pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas Ron Jeremy) qu'on va faire ici dans le cul bien cru, les titres les moins explicites, 'Stuck in You' et 'Love Cream' devraient sans problème vous en convaincre. Les textes sont pour le moins graveleux, Micheal Mercury nous racontant sans fard ses (enfin celles de son oncle donc) expériences de débauché chronique et ses petits plaisirs personnels, s'adonnant même à la simulation d'orgasme (bouh, on n'y croit pas, simulateur !) sur la ballade 'Stuck in You'. C'est pas fin (disons même carrément lourdaud), ça ne s'écoute pas trop souvent mais c'est carrément beaucoup plus rigolo que certains groupes anglais musicalement pas très éloignés mais restant par trop sérieux (The Darkness, The Glitterati...).
Parce que franchement, qui aurait envie en 2010 d'écouter un groupe sérieux influencé à parts égales par Judas Priest, AC/DC, Guns N'Roses, New York Dolls et Blue Öyster Cult ? Un truc allant chercher par moment dans le plus kitsch des trucs à grosses guitares allant du glam au heavy metal ? Sans doute pas grand monde, et tout l'exploit de Wet Teens est d'avoir réussi à produire un pastiche à la fois très drôle et respectueux, qui donne dans le délire mais sonne authentique, ce qui lui permet de ne jamais donner l'impression de parodier le genre, comme Spinal Tap ou Tenacious D. Un truc de fans, excellents musiciens au demeurant, se permettant un bon petit retour dans le passé tout en s'offrant (on l'espère en tout cas) une bonne tranche de rigolade.
Bon, comme toutes les bonnes plaisanteries, et c'en est une autre de voir Let It Pee sortir chez Silber Records label réputé pour ses disques dans des genres moins... fun comme ambient, post-rock ou slowcore, cet album est court et tout sauf inoubliable. Il a de bonnes chances de ne pas vous faire rire. Mais s'il y a en vous une part d'ado attardé fan de riffs gras et de vannes salaces (à moins que ce ne soit le contraire), ça vaut franchement le coup de l'essayer.
~ Dans le mur du son

Già dal titolo dell'album, degno della peggior parodia a là Spinal Tap, penso che si possa facilmente capire a che tipo di propostaccia musicale andiamo incontro. Glam/hard rock maleducato, senza peli sulla lingua, sudato e intriso di doppi sensi che neanche un treno in galleria.
In realtà, la cosa più interessante del gruppo è la storia, di come il gruppo origini da un'idea di Micheal Mercury, mai pienamente realizzata per la prematura morte (di sifilide, naturalmente) di questi. Così, 25 anni dopo, il nipote di Micheal riesce a recuperare una demo tape e s'innamora dell'idea di far ripartire la band e continuare il sogno dello zio. Quindi, i pezzi sono esattamente gli stessi, per cui qui si va ad arginare l'eventuale critica del "ehi ma queste canzoni sono datate!", visto che è proprio quello l'intento dei nuovi Wet Teens.
A dirla tutta, le cinque canzoni non sono niente male, picchiando al punto giusto e con luride liriche piuttosto ridicole, Sweet little fag su tutte. Certo, è chiaro che aspettarsi qualcosa di più di un buon hard rock sarebbe troppo, e francamente, bisognerà vedere come la band se la caverà a scrivere pezzi per conto proprio. Anche perché la conclusiva ballata Stuck in you è davvero un bel momento, se riuscissero a mantenersi su questo livello, sarebbero da tener d'occhio.
Per ora, sporchiamoci di grasso e sudore e via.
~ Damiano Gerli, Kathodik