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Remora - Mecha Remix Tools
Mecha Press Release:
At twenty he escaped the gladiatorial pits & started an insurgency against his Martian captors.  He spent eight years freeing slaves & building an army before meeting the woman who convinced him to lay down his weapons & live in peace in the wilderness.  It had been two years since he’d given up being a revolutionary for the woman when he came home to her dead body.  As much as her love had destroyed his world before, the sudden lack of it destroyed it again.  There was no hope for a revolution anymore, just the chance to live under Martian slavery.  Because of his mind (whether overly proficient or deficient, who is to say?), he was unwilling to re-enter the human ranks of subjugation.  He found himself living in a decimated military base with the wrecks of human & Martian war machines from the first days of invasion.  Using the computer of a barely functioning mecha, he found himself using it to re-make the songs he played on his guitar in his youth, only now everything felt so mechanical.  Was the machine something of death or hope?  He spray painted “Remora” on the side of the mecha & the answer was hope.

Remora's Mecha will be released on Centre of Wood this fall.  We are inviting all of you to reconstruct/remix some of the songs for possible inclusion on an MP3 release as well as an ultra limited CD-R that will come with early orders.  Download the files, make your mix, & contact silberspy@silbermedia.com for upload information.

Nevada Smith
The One I've Been Waiting For