zombie links

 let me know if you know of other links that should be here or if any of these become dead

A Night of the Living Dead Page

Zombie Kisses
        a series of short stories by Silber & QRD's Brian John Mitchell.
Halloween Resource Guide to Zombies
        a costume store's guide to zombies.
Urban Dead
        a low-fi text based massive multi-player zombie survival game
The Ghoul Next Door
        a page belonging to the little girl from the original NOTLD.

Page of the Dead

Homepage of the Dead
        great & very up to date

Handilinks to Zombies
        this is professional, why does it exist?

All About Zombies
        a history of zombies from a costume shop?

Gaz's Dawn of the Dead webpage

        this includes an interview with George Romero & lots of facts about the mall & other stuff

Tarman's Basement

          a cool site about zombie movies & other zombie stuff