A Lit Rat Canon

This is by no means a complete canon, but it is a good list of suggested readings for where writing might be headed.

Current Era (~1980 - now)

In Memorium to My Identity ? Kathy Acker
Sexual Blood ? Mark Amerika
Like a Hole in the Head ? Jen Banbury
Shampoo Planet ? Douglas Coupland
Generation X ? Douglas Coupland
Touching from a Distance ? Deborah Curtis
Less than Zero ? Bret Easton Ellis
American Psycho ? Bret Easton Ellis
The Consumer ? Michael Gira
The Cipher ? Kathe Koja
Bad Brains ? Kathe Koja
Strange Angels ? Kathe Koja
Writer of the Purple Rage ? Joe R. Lansdale
Leaving Las Vegas ? John O'Brien
Dreemz ? Ben Stein
The Girl with the Curious Hair ? David Foster Wallace
The Infinite Jest ? David Foster Wallace
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men ? David Foster Wallace


Avant Pop
Splatter Punks
Voices of the Exiled


Shade, the Changing Man ? Peter Milligan
Enigma ? Peter Milligan
Girl ? Peter Milligan
The Maxx ? Sam Keith

Modern Era (~1960 - ~1980)

Illusions ? Richard Bach
Exterminator! ? William S. Burroughs
The Bell Jar ? Sylvia Plath
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas ? Hunter S. Thompson
Slaughterhouse 5 ? Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Fahrenheit 451 ? Ray Bradbury
The Stranger ? Albert Camus
The Plague ? Albert Camus
Lady with Lapdog (short story collection) ? Anton Chekhov
The Heart of Darkness ? Joseph Conrad
Crime & Punishment ? Fyodor Dosteovsky
Intruders in the Dust ? William Faulkner
Alas Babylon ? Pat Frank
Steppenwolf ? Hermann Hesse
Ape & Essence ? Aldous Huxley
Brave New World ? Aldous Huxley
The Trial ? Franz Kafka
The Basic Kafka (short story collection) ? Franz Kafka
On the Road ? Jack Kerouac
Billy Budd ? Herman Melville
1984 ? George Orwell
Animal Farm ? George Orwell
On the Beach ? Nevil Shute
The Three Theban Plays ? Sophocles