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Issue 4 & the Vague icon is on the cover even though he didn't have a name yet.  I thought this issue was the big time because I actually interviewed two bands that were somewhat
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Trance to the Sun interview
Convergence 1995
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Trance to the Sun interview august 1995
Trance to the Sun are a really good "ethereal gothic" band. they played several shows with Lycia this summer. they are neat & really good to zone out to. this interview was conducted by mailing a tape & questions, the weaknesses of this method are becoming more evident. Ashkelon plays guitars. Zoë sings. Lucian plays keyboards. Israel played bass on the 1995 tour.
QRD – I assume youíre normally referred to as "gothic;" do you like that label or would you prefer to give yourselves another one?

Zoë – well, we decided weíd already given ourselves a label & thatís Trance to the Sun.

Ashkelon – I like gothic, that label.

QRD – what country are you most popular in?

Zoë – we donít know.

QRD – you just finished a 23 show tour of the united states, do you have any cool tour stories from it? did you think Convergence sucked?

Zoë – when we were in new york we got shoes & we ate at this place in soho twice & did heroin & got scared. well, Ashkelon got scared by gangsters & stuff. & what else happened? hmm?

Ashkelon – ... wait, no no weíre not doing this right. maybe Brian should ask the questions.

Zoë – okay. why? cause youíre not getting to lead the interview like you usually do? "well, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.

Lucian – I think we should start over.

Zoë – I donít want to start over, why should we start over?

Ashkelon – cause you rushed it along through the first few questions & didnít give me a chance to answer & stuff....

Zoë – well you were interrupting me from the get go.

Ashkelon – I was not....

QRD – I assume youíre normally referred to as "gothic;" do you like that label or would you prefer to give yourself another one?

Zoë – as I said, weíve labeled ourselves the name of the band.

Ashkelon – I like gothic clubs & I think goth is the flames through which all good evil music must pass.

Zoë – I donít think goth is that glorious. I think that there are some chiks who are cute & stuff, but I donít really think that gothic is that amazing.

Ashkelon – you shouldnít slam gothic in an interview.

Zoë – Iím not slamming gothic. people who yell at me for trying to put my cdís on a table to sell them & then later steal them, just because they have black hair & do all this stupid shit with their fucking clothes I donít think theyíre really cool. I think theyíre insulting gothic anyway, by being that way.

Ashkelon – I like you Zoë. weíre a gothic band sorta....

Zoë – well, I donít think that. I think Weíre Trance to the Sun. I think gothic is fine & everything, but I never plan to be gothic or anything. I never thought, "oh, thatís the scene" or "how I want to make my band fit into that one," you know. Iíd much rather gangsters be into it & stuff.

Ashkelon – yeah, what Zoë said.

QRD – what country are you most popular in?

Zoë – we donít know.

Ashkelon – well, the US. thatís the one we toured in.

QRD – you just finished a 23 show tour of the US....

Zoë – actually, how many shows was it?

Ashkelon – well, 23 is that trip, 29 since april.

QRD – do you have any cool stories from it?

Zoë – we almost got killed by this person who fell asleep when they were driving....

Ashkelon – when you think back on it, there were so many things that we did. there were all these things that youíre like "oh my god, that was when we were on tour." when we were in virginia the dates in colorado seemed like theyíd been forever ago. & I had so much fun. we went swimming at the beach in florida. when we got to the beach in florida Zoë ran in.... we got to the beach & Zoë jumped out of the car & ran straight across the beach & went straight into her water with her dress.

Zoë – well, Ashkelon was being all influenced by that other person.

Ashkelon – I was not.

Zoë – well you were like, "Zoë, come on!"

Ashkelon – I was collecting shells, it was fun.

Zoë – no no. youíre leaving out the part where I ran into the water & then you guys are like, "oh, great." you guys were like, "oh my god, I canít believe sheís doing that." & then youíre like, "Zoë, come on! youíre going to smell like fish! you stupid bitch!"

Ashkelon – I did not!

Zoë – you did too!

Ashkelon – I did not!

Zoë – yes you did. & so you guys were like, "oh my god, I canít believe thereís someone actually swimming & stuff."

Ashkelon – I was not! god damn it! whyíre you saying that?! youíre being so mean! youíre being a total bitch!

Zoë – you said, "youíre gonna smell like fish."

Ashkelon – I know, because thatís what the water smelled like.

Zoë – you were being so mean.

Ashkelon – I was not. I was just trying to get you out of the water because Israel was being such an asshole. he was giving me the evil eye because he didnít want to be there waiting for you to swim.

Zoë – so you were like, "come on Zoë," & I was like, "no, you come in...."

Ashkelon – well, I was stuck there on the beach with Israel making me miserable.

Zoë – Israel was like, "Iím going to the car."

Ashkelon – he was such a prick.

Zoë – & then I was swimming for forever.

Ashkelon – I didnít drag you in or anything. I was like, "come on," for like a minute & then I gave up.

Zoë – then you guys started collecting shells & stuff & that was cool.

Ashkelon – but it was like, you understand, we talked about this.

Zoë – I understand. Ashkelon is cool.

Ashkelon – Israel was giving me such a hard time & I didnít want to put him in any situation where he would get all unhappy & start to take it out on me.

Zoë – so you were like, "Zoëís so freaky."

Ashkelon – I would never say anything like that.

Zoë – you did too. you were like, "crazy girl." you were acting like that. you were like "youíre going to smell like fish...." but then you stopped acting like that, so thatís fine.

Ashkelon – but you know why....

Zoë – I know why, but I just want to let you know that you did it. but Ashkelon is really cool; I would never say anything & he likes to swim.

Ashkelon – & I like to let you swim & I like to watch you swim.

Zoë – but you also get under the influence....

Ashkelon – the only reason I was calling you to come in was I didnít want Israel to give me shit.

Zoë – oh yeah, thatís right.

Ashkelon – thatís the only reason. we already talked about that. if Israel wasnít there I wouldíve let you swim to fucking cuba & back & I wouldíve stood there & waited.

Zoë – youíre right, you wouldíve. Ashkelon is the one who stopped at the coloado river & who made us swim & we jumped off of stuff.

Ashkelon – & also at that hot spring in montana where we went naked. we went naked & that was great & Israel went & hid by that waterfall.

Zoë – we jumped in & it was beautiful & Israel was like, "oh my god."

Ashkelon – he couldnít believe that we disrobed right there next to the interstate. that was fun though.

Zoë – yeah, it was. & letís see, what else happened?

Ashkelon – so much fun stuff. we went to niagra falls & there was a rainbow at the falls & weíd never seen niagra falls of course.

Zoë – & we saw an alligator in alligator alley.

Ashkelon – I wish Iíd seen that.

Zoë – & then nothing else happened.

Ashkelon – so much stuff happened.

QRD – did you think Convergence sucked?

Ashkelon – it sucked for you Brian, because you didnít get in & I feel bad. cause you paid for your tickets & I donít think they refunded your money & I feel really bad for you.

QRD – what do you think about extraterrestrial biological entities?

Zoë – well, I happen to think Ashkelon has a steel plate in his head, because he has had many dreams where aliens are grabbing his head & dancing on the back of the couch & stuff. so I know that he was abducted in thousand oaks. & I know he has a steel plate in his head because he was abducted.

Ashkelon – okay, we can go on.... they follow us around, the aliens, & they give us totally indicative messages that theyíre hanging out.

Zoë – & thereís also an alien sitting wearing dark glasses right here & heís not saying anything.

QRD – how much of your next release is already written?

Zoë – all of it almost.

Ashkelon – we write in the studio, & so everything is written as weíre recording it. & weíre on the ninth song for the new album.

Zoë – which is not going to be announced until it comes out ? the name of.

Ashkelon – the name of the album weíre not telling anyone until it comes out.

Zoë – because itís a secret & people plagiarize all the time & we know many of them. so thatís why.

Lucian – what is it?

Ashkelon – heh, you know what the name of the new album is. but itís almost done & also weíve made up a whole bunch of other songs which arenít going to be on the album, but are gonna be on compilations. & still others that we donít know what weíre going to do with, but theyíre there. because weíre going to make a tour souvenir cd for our next tour that you can only get on tour & itís gonna have some of them too. & itís gonna be in bright yellow plastic with stickers on it & stuff.

Zoë – & our long long missed, long forgotten, long absent keyboard player is going on tour with us next time. because the true band is getting back together.

Ashkelon – well, Lucian is our keyboardist on all the new songs. but his parts were all sequenced for the tour because he couldnít go on tour, which is so unfortunate.

QRD – what kind of pants do you normally wear?

Zoë – well, I usually wear these black pants.

Ashkelon – I wear my pajama pants a lot. Zoë gave me these cool pajama pants.

Zoë – theyíre like satin. fuzzy inside & satiny outside & black with little red checks on them.

Ashkelon – I have two different pairs.

Zoë – yeah, he has maroon with little red checks & black with little red checks.

Ashkelon – & I wear my black pants with the zippers.

Zoë – um-hmm.

Ashkelon – so I guess normally... like right now Iím wearing my black pants with the zippers & my steel belt & my Ungodly t-shirt.

QRD – whatís your favorite Trance to the Sun song?

Zoë – letís see....

Ashkelon – of our new set "Far Flung Saturnine," thatís going to be on the new album. & Zoëís favorite one, during the tour I know, was "You Have Escaped Me," which is also on the new album.

Lucian – "The Nun V.V."

Ashkelon – & you heard all of them on the tour. & as far as from our albums, our favorite is "Spider Like."

QRD – what bands/music has been most influential & which most inspirational?

Zoë – well, letís see. Iím just gonna say my favorite bands because I donít know which ones are most influential. my favorite bands right now are Southern Culture on the Skids, St. Etienne, & Snoop Doggy Dog.

Ashkelon – I like Lycia & die Form & St. Etienne & Siouxsie & the Banshees & Black Sabbath.

Zoë – I like Black Sabbath too.

Lucian – & I like Skinny Puppy.

Zoë – yeah. & I like Fantasia & tricky Disco too.

Ashkelon – & I like And Also the Trees.

Lucian – & I like Skinny Puppy.

Zoë – & yeah, thereís a new one. who else do I like?

Ashkelon – I like the Swans.

Zoë – I like the Swans too.

Ashkelon – we went to the Swans concert the other day; it was really fun.

Zoë – I like the Swans, St. Etienne, Snoop Doggy Dog, & Southern Culture on the Skids, & the Specials.

Ashkelon – the Swans gave me that feeling like, they gave me this really weird feeling. like sometimes when it was really intense it felt like somebody you really love receding off into the distance going away. like when the music was really cooking it had this feeling like everything was going away.

Zoë – & I like Lycia too. & I like Neurosis.

Ashkelon – Neurosis was so rad in concert.

Zoë – yeah. I am personally responsible for getting them to play that show. well, kind of. you see their singer ran off stage & I was like "go back up there, you are so rad." & his face totally changed because he was so pissed off about the sound. & I followed him to where heíd run away & he was like, "ah! this club fucking sucks!" & he ran off stage & I followed him & I was like, "I can hear you, go up there & sing, go up there & play; itís rad." & then he went back up there & he did the raddest show. it was the raddest show Iíd ever been to practically. it was so intense.

Ashkelon – that was totally inspirational to me about playing, the intensity of being up there.

Zoë – they were so crazy. they totally had you locked into their craziness. & I like other bands too, but I canít remember who. oh, I like Christian Death Only Theater of Pain &....

Ashkelon – you like Moby.

Zoë – I like Moby. I donít like everything, but I like lots.

Ashkelon – I like Omalla from sweden.

Zoë – I like them too. well, we could just go on & on & on. but we really like Black Sabbath & Snoop Doggy Dog the best.

Ashkelon – Black Sabbath with Ozzy, none of this Dio shit.

QRD – are there any particular authors that influence you or your music?

Zoë – I donít know. hereís some I like: Barry Gifford, Richard Brautigan, & H.P. Lovecraft.

Ashkelon – the only author that ever really influenced my music was William Gibson. he gave me a new look at how music might be created in the future & what it might be important about & stuff. youíd have to read it to get the idea.

QRD – do you have a chemical influence of choice?

Zoë – yes, I do & I just discovered it & that is heroin.

Ashkelon – bullshit. you better not mean that. you did heroin once & you threw up & stuff. I donít want to hear you saying you have some drug of choice & itís heroin, because thatís bullshit & heroin is total bullshit.

Zoë – no itís not.

Ashkelon – Zoë, donít be dumb.

Zoë – Iím not. Iím just saying that if I was gonna do drugs a lot, thatís what Iíd do
Ashkelon – you see your friend out there like totally wasting her life on heroin. sheís so messed up on heroin.

Zoë – if I was gonna do drugs all the time, that would be the one I want to do.

Ashkelon – but youíre not gonna do drugs all the time.

Zoë – well, obviously. if I was gonna do drugs all the time Iíd be in new york with Temma scratching my arms, right?

Ashkelon – right. okay, I like coffee & honey.

QRD – are you involved in any side projects?

Zoë – no, side projects are stupid.

Ashkelon – heh, heh, heh...

Zoë – except side projects weíre in.

Ashkelon – me & Lucian are, well itís not really a side project, itís another project.

Zoë – itís not a side project. it has nothing to do with the side. the only direction it goes is forward.

Ashkelon – itís Studio Necropols & weíll leave it at that. & it hasnít come out yet.

Zoë – & itís going to kill you when it comes out so you wonít even notice.

QRD – had any neat dreams lately youíd like to tell us about?

Zoë – I usually have dreams about getting into really bad fights with people. because I donít get along with many people & thatís basically what my dreams are about. Sometimes I have good dreams too. I mean, theyíre all good, just kinda weird.

Ashkelon – I havenít really had any interesting dreams.

Zoë – the stuff that happens to me is I will sense that people are about to fuck me over & then I have a dream about them doing the worst possible thing they could do. so itís kinda like me making sure I know theyíre not to be...

Ashkelon – ...trusted. Zoë has a lot of conflict with people.

QRD – if you were a cold medicine, what kind would you be?

Zoë – well, we both decided & weíll say it in unison that we would be (w/Ashkelon) 666 cold.

Ashkelon – send your cold straight to hell.

Zoë – & to the people who made that video, we are not plagiarizing. we think you are the coolest fucking goths weíve ever seen.

Ashkelon – yeah, because our friends in charlotte sent us a video of the show & a documentary of the whole day & thank you.

Zoë – thatís what I wanted to say. charlotte is the most kick ass city that puts witch hats on skunks & does really rad stuff. & we had the best show practically.

Ashkelon – & we have a documentary of the whole thing & remember how kickin ass the whole thing was. second to last show of the tour & it just made everything seem so worth it & right on.

QRD – if you were the child of god, what line would you use to get a date?

Zoë – I canít answer that, because Iím not & I donít know what I would do.

Ashkelon – Iíd say, "if you like my ass, you should see my dadís."
QRD – anything else we should know about?

Ashkelon – Lycia was the best thing that could have happened to our tour & it was difficult to part ways in richmond the next morning.

Zoë – I guess thatís it.

Ashkelon – we love you, Brian.

Zoë – well, Ashkelon happens to love you. so that means Iím going to have to kill you out of jealousy. you canít see, but heís kissing the speaker & stuff. thanks for interviewing us & stuff & sending us lace the same color as your lips.