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interview with Eric and Dara of faith & disease May 18, 1999
faith & disease are probably the last member of the alleviation alumni to get interviewed in QRD.  they’re kind of an ethereal shoegazer band....
QRD – I assume you usually get pigeonholed as ethereal gothic, what would be a better description of your music?

Eric – in Seattle where we live, we don't get that as much...this question has been beaten to death.

Dara – of course "goth" could now apply to any gun-toting, trench-coat wearing teenage psychopath....

Eric – we used to call our music "pre-raphaelite" until they started making greeting cards & calendars out of that art.

Dara – ...the Pre-Raphaelite artistic beauty that has prevailed through centuries of devastation & sadness.

QRD – you seem to have a constantly changing band roster, how is this an advantage & disadvantage?

Dara – we have always welcomed others to help create our "sound."  it's part of what makes recording & playing so rewarding.

Eric – yeah, & ultimately they come & go, but Dara & I persist; we have Charlotte whose a crucial member on the road & Steve who is crucial in the studio, so we have it down to a process by now...like most bands do after they've put out 4+ albums.

QRD – how has your approach to songwriting changed since your first record?

Dara – the songs are still born through Eric & I... so not much has changed in the structuring of songs.

QRD – how much touring would you like to do?

Dara – we've joined forces with a European label (Glasnost) so maybe Europe is nearing (for a tour). being on the road is the best way to connect with people who have helped us along.  I'll keep doing it until...

Eric – ...as long as there is a demand... & as long as we feel what we do has meaning, value and is genuine.

QRD – why do you do as many cover songs as you do on your records?

Eric – we don't do THAT many; only about 6 spanned over 4 albums. they are meaningful in that we “unearth" obscure or forgotten songs & in that regard we are paying homage... when I heard "Ashes Are Burning" I felt a need to share it with people, & the same for "Witches", etc.

Dara – there are a lot of great songs out there, songs that we've related to in such a way that it's not only paying homage, but bringing beauty into where we are today

QRD – what’s your favorite Swans’ song?

Eric – "The River That Runs With Love..." the first song on The Burning World, I also like “Lavender” by Jarboe.

Dara – I love the Swans, oh yes... let me count the ways; "Cry Me A River" (ironically a cover of a 1940's version by Julie London. I love the way Jarboe uses her darkness in this song).

QRD – what bands & music do you think people should listen  to or respect more?

Eric – seek, unearth hunt down music that you would never hear otherwise!

Dara – people should listen to whatever they want.

QRD – what do you think differentiates professional artists from amateurs?

Eric – "professional" implies a degree of rigidness; maybe I just don't like how that word resonates with me. but I do feel musicians should not do or say things that take away from the essence of what they are conveying in their music. is that an answer?

Dara – playing shows, not just practicing.  touring.  being tenacious.

Eric – we hardly ever practice anyway.

QRD – how would your music change if you had access to more finances for your records?

Eric – more string arrangements.  even less reliance of others, introducing maybe cello, mandolin, harp, some instruments we have yet to work with...

QRD – what do you think of Lisa Frank?

Dara – who? oh the balloons & bears lady?

Eric – ???????

QRD – any interesting dreams lately?

Dara – bloody ones.  I keep waking up feeling wrong about the world....

Eric – I recently dreamt I was back in high school, as if I never went to college & just remained in high school up until the age I am now.  everyone was still the same, full grown adults but still in high school... pretty pathetic huh? I hated that time of my life actually.

QRD – what job would you like to have not in the music industry?

Dara – a costume designer or make up artist in the film industry.

QRD – which Simpson do you most identify with?

Dara – Bart. poor ridiculous little shit.

Eric – the Iranian 7-11 clerk...

QRD – is there anything you think people should be aware of?

Eric – be wise & content with you actions: don't shop in strip malls, prevent urban sprawl into small towns, don't buy at McDonald’s, support family-owned business, small shops, & indies! buy fanzines instead of corporate rock mags.

Dara – people should be aware of how they smell.

QRD – any upcoming plans?

Dara – a tour in August again. we may jump to a bigger label after the next & final IVY release.  I'm just waiting for summer; Seattle is great when it's warm & sunny.

Eric – the album in Europe is the biggest thing on my mind at the moment, we may call it "Lamentations."  a lot of good things are in the works for faith & disease...it's really come a long way since the early days when all I really wanted out of it was a 4-track cassette I could send to my friends.