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#5.  This issue had three pages of photos & I realized xeroxed photos look pretty crappy.   I like how the cover looks like a bunny & a face & more; it's actually a blurry image of a pieta.  My computer lost the ability to save & retrieve data on this issue.  the interviews were with Annabelle's Garden & Pineal Ventana.
Annabelle's Garden interview
Pineal Ventana interview
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i was sleeping on a bed that was floating down a thirty foot wide river.  i passed by some people walking by the edge & one said to the other, "sleeping on a bed floating down a river, that's like believing your own lies," & they shook their heads with disapproval.  then my bed crashed on some rocks under a bridge & a friend of mine appeared at the top of the bank & said, "i told you it wouldn't work."  & i said, "yeah, but look, i found a million dollars," & pick up a rubberbanded roll of fives that's probably about two hundred dollars from among the rocks.  then we saw a black mercedes turn around on the road & head back towards the bridge, so we decided to split up.  i was being artsy & craftsy hiding & stuff, but the car kept following me so i cut way far away from the road & there was a high fence up that kept me from being able to jump in the river & there were two guys after me, one in a burgundy leisure suit & the other in a grey sweat suit.  so i started running when they weren't looking & kept thinking to myself, "i'm-just-doing-this-for-exercise-i'm-just-doing-this-for-exercise."