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candy reviews

Advil  with the tasty candy coating, it’s hard to eat just one.

Almond Joy  holy crap! two in a package containing almonds coconut, chocolate & joy.  my new found favorite.

Almond M &M’s  maybe it’s just me, but I think the candy coating’s too sweet.

Annabelle’s Big Hunk  kind of a harder less sweet Sugar Daddy with peanuts.  kind of too large; it would be more appropriate in bite size pieces, but I guess it needs to live up to its name.

Baby Ruth  this is a good candy bar featuring peanuts, chocolate, & soy bean oil.  no wonder Hawkman eats it.

Bit-O-Honey  really sweet, not high on flavor.  caramel-esque & too much work to chew.

Blo-Pops  two candies for the price of one.  I like the blue ones & am scared of people who bite them in half right away.

Boston Baked Beans  a peanut with a thin candy coating.  good.

Brown & Haley Almond Roca  looks like a cat terd, tastes really nice.  the official candy of Roxy Carmichael.

Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut  maybe it’s just me, but I’d expect more different things in here than raisins & almonds.

Candyblox  these are supposed to be easy to build with like Legos, but they don’t really snap together like them though they are as hard.  kind of a fruity Sweet Tart with an unfortunate banana yellow.

Charleston Chew  precisely messy enough.

Chase’s Cherry Mash – This is surprisingly good.  It has chocolate & peanuts & cherry nougat & all three flavors are distinct & non-invasive to each other.  I think they used alien technology to design this candy.

Chick-o-Stick  as good as it is cheap.  Peanut butter & coconut in crunchy stick form.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Doh Candy  synthetic cookie doh is pure sugar, but it comes with a spoon.

Cinn-a-burst  featuring the flavor crystals that make you feel like a babe-magnet.

Cry Baby Tears – One of those semi-chalky candies.  Like a sour version of Sweet Tarts..

Dental Care  the Baking Soda Gum - not sticky, not tasty.

Dots  too gummy of a gumdrop, gets stuck in your teeth.

Ducchess Sweet Potatoe Pie  tastes just as yummy as every other fruit pie.

Elana Honey Almond  creamy smooth chocolate with a mild almond taste.

Farley’s Coconut Stacks  finally, a candy that needs a chaser.

Farley’s French Burnt Peanuts  a cross between peanut brittle & rocks.

Gardner’s Peanut Butter Meltaway – This smells & tastes like Palmer’s coin candies.  No frills & good like childhood.

Goldenberg’s Bite Size All Natural Peanut Chews – How is two ounces of candy bite size? This is nasty.  It comes with instructions on the back of the wrapper, “Throw Away.”

Gummi Bears  I can’t stand the consistency of these things.  if you lick the backs you can throw them & stick them to ceilings.  in germany they have ones with vitamins.

Hershey’s Classic Caramels  pretty high end for the price & not too chewy, a good caramel.

Hershey’s Cookies & Cream  good, but if you eat the whole thing it might make you sick.

Hershey’s Hugs with Almonds  I like these.  they’re even better with those little candy drop mints

Juicy Fruit  with the flavor that doesn’t last!

Junior Mints  who wouldn’t want a junior mint?

King Size Almond Joy  two almonds instead of one on each segment of my favorite candy bar.

Kit-Kat  good & crispy, no longer available with the foil & white cardboard.

Kit Kat Big Kat – They took one of the segments of a Kit Kat & enlarged it to full candy bar size.  Somehow it seems a little more chocolatey.  It kind of makes Kit Kat’s less special when the packaging is just like everything else.

Lance Pecan Twirls  not too tasty with horribly hard to open packaging.

Lemonheads  not as good in real life as in childhood nostalgia.

Lemon Warheads  intense for 20 seconds & then, normal candy.

Lifesaver Blueberry Vanilla Lollipop  mmm is this good.  not too sweet & fun to eat.

Lik-m-aid  this just isn’t as much fun as I remember it... maybe because they changed the picture on the outside.  sugar isn’t an ingredient somehow.

Lindt with hazelnuts  this comes from switzerland & is expensive, but it’s dreamy & too rich to eat in one sitting.

Little Debbie Oats & Honey Sunbelt Granola  good stuff in the chewy granola style.  nice sweet & keeps you regular.

Mars Bar  sure doesn’t taste like it comes from another planet.

Marathon Bar  anybody know if they still make this?  it’s about a foot long & has stringy caramel & was popular in the late seventies....

Milk n Honey  an italian version of Mary Jane, even more lo-fi & scary than the real thing.  it has bees on the wrapper that make it look more like a bug trap than candy.

Milky Way  nougat & caramel.  nothing like the commercial.

Mounds  it’s an Almond Joy without a nut, I need the nut.

Nestle Chunky  cool silver vacuum sealed packaging reminiscent of space food that has nuts & raisins inside, but all I taste is chocolate

Nestle Treasures Peanut Butter Miniatures – Chocolate treasure chests filled with peanut butter.  Similar in taste to those chocolate peanut butter coins wrapped in foil.

Nestle Turtle  first off this doesn’t look like a turtle & then it tastes like a moonpie gone bad.

Oh Henry!  kind of like a peanut butter cup with a little too much chocolate.  I think it’s named after Hank Aaron.

One Hundred Grand  hard when cold, doesn’t compare to a Snickers.

Palmer Peanut Buddy  cool candy coins available for most holidays.  wrapped in foil & filled with flavor & nostalgia. 

Payday  I expected more of this.  it doesn’t give you the caffeine headache, but it doesn’t taste that great anyway.

Peanut M & M’s  a perfect meal substitute.

Pearson’s Nut Roll  mighty tasty.  twinky center with peanuts glued on by caramel.

Peppermint Dentyne Ice  a taste so refreshing you can’t believe someone isn’t kissing  you.

Pixie Stix  one of the classic foods of america.  my favorite flavor’s green.

Purgatori – Why is Chaos Comics making candy?  Rich milk chocolate with almonds & demon girls wearing the Star of David on the wrapper.

Razzles – First it’s a chalky candy a la candy hearts, then it has gum in the center.  It’s not too great, but I like the name.

Reese’s Nutrageous  you think you’d be okay as long as you didn’t sit on this on a wooden chair, but it’s a little too chocolatey for me.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with the cookie in the bottom  more or less the same as the original except it’s crunchy.

Reese’s Pieces  eat a three pound bag for lunch, feel sick for two days.

Ricola  I’m not sure if this is a candy, but I dig it.  spit it out before you finish it or it makes you feel spacey.

Riesens  icky, this is a lot like a tootsie roll.  a chocolatey mess that’s too much work to chew.

Rocky Mountain Crisp  extra smooth chocolate with crispy rice.

Rolo  these are not where it’s at.

Russel Stover Candies Pecan Delight  this is way too chocolatey for me, even if it does have cool nuts.

Russell Stover’s S’mores – This is not a good thing.  Hopefully whoever made these got demoted.

Senocot – What the hell? This isn’t candy.  Why do they try & get me to put it on my ice cream?

Sifer’s Valomilk – I’ve always stayed away from marshmallow cups, I don’t know why.  This is nice & light & fluffy with no preservatives, just milk chocolate & marshmallow.

Smile! – I know this isn’t really candy, but I had to mention it.  Good Humor finally makes the world’s coolest snack.  It’s a smiley face on a stick made out of lemon sorbet.

S’morsels  milk duds with a more potent core.

Smooth ’n’ Melties  I like these little mints, but they’re addictive & easy to get sick on.

Snickers  fits all the hype.  there’s a reason it’s america’s favorite candy bar.  fully endorsed by the Danimal.

Snickers Munch  this is it, the legendary chocolate free Snickers.  it’s kind of like a less hard & more buttery peanut brittle.

Source Vitamin C Sugarless Gum  it opens with a Starburst flavor & turns to orange silly putty.  Special features include Nutra Sweet & vitamin C & a cigarette type box to lead kids to smoking.

Starburst Jellybeans  just as yummy & addictive as the original starbursts & the ingredients look vegan.

Strawberry Quik  eat it raw as a cotton candy substitute.

Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Macaroon Chewy Granola Bar  the chocolate isn’t so thick you can’t taste anything else & it’s a beautiful thing to wake up to.

Sunset Orchard Butter Toffee Peanuts  what peanut m&m’s were meant to be.  candy with nuts, no chocolate.

Sweet Escapes Caramel & Peanut Butter Crispy Bar  what would you expect from five grams of fat? thumbs down.

Sweethearts  I thought conversation hearts tasted worse than they actually do, but they can still hurt your feelings....

Sweet Tarts  pixie stix dust, now in tablet form.

Tang  eaten raw you can burn the inside of your mouth.

Three Musketeers  no redeeming qualities what so ever.

Tiger’s Milk Peanut Butter Bar  chewy, america’s first nutrition bar.

Toffifay  a hazel nut covered with caramel & chocolate; reminiscent of something good, but not quite it & therefore annoying.

Too Tarts Cherry Sour Liquid Candy – I like sour candy, but this is too much.  It’s almost nauseating.  It has a warning on it that it may cause tongue irritation.

Too Tart Strawberry Sour Powder – It Looks like a pixie stick gone hard core & it tastes like strawberry Quik.  I need to do some research to see if it has the same side effects as those two wonder drugs.

Tootsie Flavor Roll Vanilla Twistie  this tastes almost the same as the original & is just as much work to chew which means it isn’t worth your time.

Trebors  I like these.  they’re these hard candies of various flavors with a chocolatey surprise in the center.  Plus they sound like a cross between friendly Hungarians & a Kevin Bacon movie.

Trolli Sour Gummi Beans  at first it seems like a normal jelly bean, but then you bite into it & bang zoom it’s a sour flavored gummi treat.

Twix  two for you, none for me, thanks.

Watermelon Squeeze Pop  this is somewhere between the consistency of honey & toothpaste.  it’s phallic & expensive & tastes like bad candy.

Werther’s Originals  a candy that fits the pace of my lifestyle.

Whatchamacallit  kinda ricey, kinda crispy, kinda rice crispity dipped in chocolate.  it had cool commercials back in the eighties.

Whitman’s Sampler  classic rich chocolate flavor in the classy box you’ve learned to trust.

Winter Clark Bar  pretty butterfingerry with a white chocolate coating.  for some reason it made my mouth numb.

Xploder – Willy Wonka made a chocolate bar with a twist, they put pop rocks inside.  Not a serious candy bar, but an exciting one.

Zero  caramel, peanuts, almonds, & white fudge.  okay, but not as cool as its name.

Zotz Candy Bomb  a lollipop without a stick with a sweet tart in the center.