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#3 featuring probably the two most obscure bands (burMonter & 1SBH) & the only
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burMonter interview for QRD #3 (April 1995)
jennifer at a show in hamburg, phot by marius radzinsky(sp?) burMonter is a north carolina moody-pop band.  I think they're good.  i guess their biggest influence is the Cranes.  this interview was conducted by mail & cassette.  burMonter broke up around 2000 & Martin went on to start Plumerai in Boston. Martin backstage at a show in Dresden
QRD – how long have you been together as a band & how long as friends?

Martin – probably three & a half years, since the summer of 1991 at least.

Jennifer – we've been friends that long too, well it depends on who you're talking about.

Martin – human beings are never friends.  we just met Dean last summer....

Jennifer – & we haven't decided if we're friends with him or not.

QRD – what bands or particular albums do you site as most influential?

Jennifer – well, we know Cranes are influential.  Cocteau Twins for me.

Martin – Lush is good.

Jennifer – Shellyan Orphan, Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Martin – except for that new album.  who does James listen to? Samhain.

Jennifer – he likes Velocity Girl, but that's not influential cause we don't play anything like that....

Martin – besides, he doesn't write.

Jennifer – so, I guess the stuff that he likes doesn't count anyway, because he doesn't write anything....

Martin – as far as albums, Cranes Wings of Joy & Loved & Forever.  for Lush Split, the other two albums don't really count as an influence.  for the Cure for me personally is Pornography, Faith, Disintegration.

Jennifer – yeah, for me it's Pornography & Disintegration.  well, I don't know.  oh & we can say Smiths some for me....

QRD – what are your day jobs?

Jennifer – well, Martin, let's hear about yours.  what's that, painting a house?

Martin – no, that's watching a little telly.

Jennifer – no, Martin has to go type stuff for his dad.

Martin – let's talk about what Jennifer does.  she works as a stripper.

Jennifer – no, that's how I met Martin.  Martin was a stripper & he was doing a strip tease to the song "Kung Fu Fighting."

Martin – Jennifer, she was working at a veterinary office as a proctologist.  she had to pull hands out of cow butts & corn out of chicken butts.

QRD – do you hope one day to just play music?

Jennifer – yeah, of course we do.

Martin – buy a lot to eat & drink, watch a little tv on the side....

QRD – do you do any covers?

Jennifer – no.

QRD – did you use to?

Jennifer – let's go through every cove we've ever done.  "Suedehead," "Just Like Heaven."

Martin – that one Mission UK song & "Coast is Clear" by Curve.  "Charlotte Sometimes."

Jennifer – yeah, we did "Charlotte Sometimes."  we did "Goodbye."  also once we did "Wild Horses" & "This Charming Man."

Martin – what's that one Morrisey song?  "Lovelife."

Jennifer – oh yeah, that was fun.  we did "Tomorrow's Tears" by the Cranes, but we don't really do cover songs.  if we do a cover song we usually do it one time & that's it.  also ""Dazzle" & "Killing Jar" by Siouxsie & the Banshees.  we did the Go-Go's song "Our Lips are Sealed" one time. & the Concrete Blond song "Happy Birthday."

Martin – & the Darling Buds song "Makes no Difference."

QRD – what's your favorite burMONTER song & your favorite song ever?

Martin – my favorite burMONTER song is "Starfall."

Jennifer – really?

Martin – I don't know, I think so.  I like the two new ones too, but they're not really finished yet.

Jennifer – I like the two new ones, but I don't really have a favorite.  I like a bunch of them. I like "2 1/2 Years in Purgatory."  I like "Starfall" a lot.  I like "In Reaction To,"  & I like "Forever in a Day" too.  well, it changes, sometimes I hate them all, but sometimes I like some of them.

Martin – what's your favorite song ever?

Jennifer – don't have one.

Martin – me neither, anything from the Cranes is good....  I think Cranes "Paris & Rome" is my favorite at least for now.

QRD – where did you get your cool name from?

Martin – well I'm pretty sure Jennifer's mom gave her hers, but I don't know....

Jennifer – Martin on the other hand got his from a pack of wild wolves....

QRD  – what's your favorite stuffed animal ever?

Jennifer – I had a lot.  I had Ernie & then I still have Pooh Bear.  then I have a rooster that cock-a-doodle-do's that Martin gave me.  then I have a gorilla that Martin gave me named Eilithyia.  then I have a caveman that when you squish his stomach he goes "ugh" & his name's Margin & Martin gave me that too.  I like a bunch of them.  what about you?

Martin – I don't really have one.

Jennifer – what about that pink mouse you used to stick in your guitar case?

Martin – oh, that was just to hold the neck up.

Jennifer – well, we'll call that your favorite.  mine's the little pink mouse that holds the guitar because he used to go to every show with us, but that's just because he was useful.