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#5.  This issue had three pages of photos & I realized xeroxed photos look pretty crappy.   I like how the cover looks like a bunny & a face & more; it's actually a blurry image of a pieta.  My computer lost the ability to save & retrieve data on this issue.  the interviews were with Annabelle's Garden & Pineal Ventana.
Annabelle's Garden interview
Pineal Ventana interview
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there were four couples in the two bedded hotel room.  one couple was sitting on each bed, one couple was sitting on the floor between the dresser's, & the fourth man paced holding a gun as the girl leaned against the wall smoking a cigarette.  the tv seemed a little loud & incomprehens-ible like it was under the influence of some strange drug.  the girl sitting next to me on the bed closer to the tv had yellow hair that was matted like she'd put in hairspray & gone to bed.  the guy on the floor tried to be heroic; he pulled out a knife & slit the man's gun hand between the middle & ring fingers & stabbed him twice in the back when he bent over clutching his hand.  then the gunman shot him twice & he fell next to his girlfriend who was already crying.  the guy with the gun looks around as if to intimidate everybody & i start laughing uncontrollably.  so the guy comes up to me & starts hitting me in the face a lot & a lot of blood starts coming out & a choking cough made the laughter stop.  then he shot me twice in the stomach & there was a pool of blood in my shirt that i kept trying to lift away, but i can't be cause it's a liquid & slips through my fingers.  then the girl next to me asks, "do you know what time it is?"  "no."  "oh, i was just wondering because i wanted to know if the news was on.  i wanted to know about the weather."  "well, don't we have cable? it's always on the weather channel," but we kept watching some bad high budget action movie with car crashes & i kept bleeding.