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issue 9
Thanatos interview
A. Pia
zombies kick vampires' asses
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Zombies kick Vampires asses

I donít understand why so many people are fascinated by vampires when zombies are around. For one thing, vampires are immortal & life is fairly boring; zombies only live 20 years after death, which is long enough to get anything you need to done. Vampires donít get to go out during the day; but zombies donít have such limitations, they can do whatever they want whenever they want. If you become a vampire, you have to be very vain & keep up your appearance; be a zombie & you never have to comb your hair or bathe again unless you want to. Vampires drink blood & if youíve ever actually tried to, you know it makes you vomit when you drink too much; zombies (if they eat) usually eat human flesh (sometimes brains) which is so tough & chewy itís very difficult to eat enough to make yourself sick on. Zombies donít have to be self-aware & conscious unless they eat a lot of salt; vampires are often portrayed as horribly self-aware & in constant inner torment, who wants that? Vampires are often connected to satan (who seems excessively dull) when nobody knows where zombies come from & the most likely answer is god (remember that dead walking apocalypse thing?), so being a zombie could make you holy & give you a ticket to heaven. Vampires seem to be an elitist supericist group that will only let certain "cool" kids in. Zombies let everybody join & no matter what you used to be they accept you for what you now are, the living dead. I guess it boils down to the fact vampires are fascists & Iím not a fascist, while zombies are communists & I am a communist.