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Issue 4 & the Vague icon is on the cover even though he didn't have a name yet.  I thought this issue was the big time because I actually interviewed two bands that were somewhat
National Razor interview
zombie dream
Small Mercies by P Russo
kill bjm
Trance to the Sun interview
Convergence 1995
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I had a dream where it was getting late & my hotel room probably wouldnít be able to hold up to the zombies who were about to come out. so I tried to get to this club that was famous for having survivors, their secret was having zombie snipers on the roof. it was almost night & the club was already full. I needed to get in, so I cut this weird bar thing on a door & an alarm went off. me & a lot of other people all went in & up these stairs that abruptly ended against a wall & Iím like, "fuck." then this guy comes & says we used the wrong door & lets us in. but itís already night & a couple zombies got by the snipers & in with us. they kill a couple of people & then they get thrown out & everybody starts dancing again. the club had really cool lights.