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#3 featuring probably the two most obscure bands (burMonter & 1SBH) & the only
complaints about humans
a solution to suicide
burMonter interview
1SBH interview
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a solution to suicide

 the only legitimate reason to kill yourself is boredom, but even when this is your reason you still run into problems.  say you believe in a life-after-death, then who's to say you won't still be bored?  an after-life doesn't really seem like much of a solution to boredom.  & if you don't believe in l.a.d., then death is a really scary concept, no matter what you try to say about it.  the solution: aliens, my friend.  all you need to do is get a ufo to pick you up & bang zoom leave the boring planet earth.  you can play tricks on the aliens & make them think you eat with your armpits & then giggle about it all day.  maybe you can even learn how to fly the space ship & beat up the aliens & go to one of those planets that're really cool.  you could go to that planet where everybody thinks you're a god because you have thumbs.  you could go to the planet where all the humans have blue hair & orange eyes.  maybe you could even live on a planet of friendly lizards.  plus if you ever get really bored you can still kill yourself.  also if you go the alien route you can see how many people react to your disappearance & then do things to the ones who suck, like getting aliens to perform experiments on them so they can no longer control their bladders.  screw prozac, aliens are the solution to everything....