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by m. norris

Iím out of college. Isnít that an interesting idea. All I have ever known is school life, school books, teachers dirty looks and all that.

A job for those of job age. A xex me boy.

I sell cars, Iím a car salesman. How many car salesmen do you know? The only people I know are car salesmen any more. When you grow up you donít dream of becoming a car salesman but never the less I am. I made $1000 last week selling cars. People with less education make even more money than I do. Some things can seem so simple. I still have a college girlfriend but she wonít be there for long. She wants to be a teacher. She will be a teacher and I will be a car salesman. We used to take Ecstacy together. now we just pay long distance phone bills. I live outside Cleveland Ohio. Whatís Round on the ends and Hi in the middle? Ohio silly. People here are more racist and ignorant than North Carolina. Want to experience bigotry and southern idiots? Move north and you can have all those things. The South! OH YEAH!

I went to junior high school, high school, and college in the south. The only people I ever heard use the word spook are Northerners. Interesting what stereotypes can do to your perceptions. I have been a vegan for close to eight years; I also own a lot of guns. but I only have one with me. I have Dutch, French, Welch, and American Indian heritage. I look white needless to say. I wear a suit and tie to work. Iíve been to jail seven times. Iím the youngest of four children. All of my brothers and sisters are married and have two children of their own. I had a kid when I was fifteen, the only pure thing I ever had in my life. I gave him away because that was the "right thing" to do. I used to throw rocks through meat store windows because that was also the right thing to do. Donít forget that perception is the key. You cannot own enough guns. When police search homes and they know you have guns and your neighbors donít, guess whose house they come calling.

by m. norris

when I was in jail once I was lucky enough to hook up with a friend who had also been arrested. when we were standing in line for one thing or another I saw this guy. it was a guard that had just walked around a corner of the hallway I was in. when I saw this guy he looked like a total bad ass. hardest mother fucker I had seen in jail yet. so I tell my friend, "this guy kicks ass and takes names later," real bad joke. so the guy (who had no chance of hearing me) walks right up to me and yells, "whatís your name!?" he was looking for someone else but decided to fuck with me instead.

by m. norris

I used to have this friend in the sixth grade named Kevin Fricke. he only had one eye. the problem was that his family wouldnít or couldnít buy him a glass eye or even a patch so.... he just kept his eye shut. one time his dad left for vacation for two weeks and left Kevin all alone. I liked that kid a lot... kinda like brothers, but we hadnít known each other long enough.